Free, Fun, and Frugal: September 28, 2013

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Here are some great freebies I’ve found around the web this week:
I mentioned on Facebook this week that I stumbled across some amazing resources at I don’t know why I’ve never found it before, but if you like notebooking, you need to check out all of their free resources. If you don’t know what notebooking is, I’m going to be publishing some guest posts about notebooking through the month of October.
Over at Currclick, you can find free copywork for the beautiful poem, “The Touch of the Master’s Hand”.
And here are some free Kindle reads from Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free apps for your mobile or PC here. 
 And some fun giveaways I’ve found:
Educents has a giveaway for The Writing Course- a writing program that looks very interesting.
Marcy, at Ben and Me, is having a giveaway for The Christian Parenting Handbook. She’s been writing an awesome series about this book, so stop by and read those posts while you’re registering for the giveaway!

Royal Little Lambs is hosting a giveaway for a set I’d love to share with my girlsBest Friends and Mean Girls. You can win the book for your girls to read and a Girls Guide that can be used together to talk about friendships with your girls.
And here are some great deals I’ve seen around the web this week:
There are just a few days left in Educents $15 Frenzy sale. There are some great products for $15 or less. I especially like the Math Mysteries bundle!
A Journey Through Learning has two great lapbooks for September- Harvest Time and Hurricanes. These would make great fall unit studies!

Currclick has these great Speedy Lapbooks from Homeschool Bits. They are very inexpensive- most just $1- and they are made to be done quickly and easily.
If you have found any other good deals or feebies around the web, share them here. And if you have a giveaway on your site that you’d like to share, feel free to leave that in the comments section.

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