Homeschooling for Free (or Almost Free)

I’ve often wondered if I could homeschool for free. It’s one of the excuses I often hear for why people choose not to homeschool” “It’s just too expensive.” I suppose your perception of “too expensive” comes from what kind of environment you are removing your child from in order to homeschool. If the choice is homeschooling or public schools, yes, you could end up paying more to homeschool. But if your choice is homeschooling or a private Christian school, homeschooling is far more affordable.

Homeschooling for free

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The truth is that you really could homeschool for free. In our modern world of computers and smart phones and ipods and ipods, the possibilities for homeschooling are endless. But what if you don’t even have access to technology, could you homeschool for free then? I think so. The real issue is- what do you really need to homeschool? Let’s take a look at what we really need and then find out how to make good use of all the resources we have at our disposal.

We need books. Much can be learned from just being well read. The library can be a great free resource for books. Some libraries are better and have more to choose from, but even a small library can be a good resource if you get to know your librarians and know what they can do for you. Most libraries have inter library loan. Books can be found from libraries within the system and placed on hold to be picked up at your local branch. And I have found that getting to know your librarians personally can be helpful. We have a wonderful young adult librarian that will willingly help homeschoolers find anything we are looking for.

We need- or it’s very helpful to have- access to worksheets/workbooks/lesson plans. The other great resource that I think is extremely helpful to have is internet access. There are so many sites that offer free resources for homeschoolers.

Homeschool Share is an excellent site. It offers free unit studies and free lapbooks. Everything on the site is contributed by other homeschoolers and is free to use.

Ambleside Online is a complete Charlotte Mason curriculum that is free to use. Charlotte Mason philosophy recommends the use of living books. This site is a complete list of books by grade level. Many of the books can be accessed for free.

Kahn Academy is a wonderful resource. They have many, many instructional videos for just about any topi- especially math and science. There is a search feature so you can just put in the topic you need a video for and see what comes up.

Discovery Education is free in my state. I’m not sure how it works in other states, but in South Carolina, our third option accountability group has a code that can give us free access to the site. It is filled with great resources. There are videos, images, clip art, animations, audio clips and more. It is filled with lots of great things and is worth checking out to see if you can have free access.

YouTube is another free resource that has so many possibilities. It’s not often thought of as an educational site. But I’ve found many things to use in our school on YouTube. There are how to videos of most anything you can think of, explanations of academic topics, and much more.

When we think of what is really needed for homeschooling, I think about those who homeschooled when it wasn’t “in”. The pioneers didn’t have many curriculum choices. They didn’t have publishers that marketed books to them. They had libraries. They didn’t really even have the resources of the internet. We can spend lots of money on homeschooling. But in reality, we could homeschool for free or very cheap.

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