Homeschooling Through Disney World: Getting Ready to Go Pt.2

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Last week I posted about our trip to Disney that is coming up very soon, and I posted about how I began to plan our trip in the midst of being incredibly overwhelmed by the resources available.

After I had decided where we were going to stay, I wanted to plan out what we were going to do. I have a friend whose family followed a very detailed itinerary at each park each day. I didn’t really want something that detailed, but I did want a plan for each day. I wanted to make sure that we covered at least one ride/activity that each person really wanted.

So we gathered- along with my parents- and watched the planning DVD that we received free from registering on the Disney site I mentioned last week. As we watched, we noted which things each person really loved. So I ended up with a list of everyone’s favorites for each park.

Then I used PassPorter’s Walt Disney World 2013. This is an awesome book that friends let us borrow. They had a Disney trip a few months ago and liked this book for planning, so they shared it.

This great book looks at every park and every ride. It also has sections for lodging and dining if you are staying on site, and it has information about the water parks- which we aren’t doing this time. It rates the rides. It gives information about food places- cost and menu and wait times. It has maps of all of the parks and a suggested itinerary for each park.

I took these ride lists and maps and suggested itineraries and sat down with our list of top attractions, and I made an itinerary for each park. I didn’t write specific times for anything- except for a character lunch we have booked on Tuesday. Instead, I made an order of activities for each park. I included information about when we should pick up fast passes if needed and where we might eat if we decided to eat in the park. I also included information about which night shows we might want to see.

This book was perfect. I feel like we are pretty well-organized. I am hoping that this will mean that everyone gets to do what they most wanted.

The only think I have left to do now is pack. Jason has given everyone some rules about how much to pack, so I’m thinking of how to fit the most in the smallest containers. The next few days will be packing and getting everything finalized. And then we hit the road in just four short days! Disney, here we come!

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