Organize Your Life With Google Pt.6: Google Drive and More

This post will wrap up the series Organize Your Life With Google. In this series, I’ve taken a look at some of the great features that Google has for getting organized. I depend pretty heavily on the features that Google offers. Instead of being bound to a paper and pen organizer as I once was, my organization in mostly done online. In today’s post, I’m going to take a look at one of my favorite features- Google Drive. Here are the other features I’ve covered:

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Using Google to organize your home and homeschool

Google Drive is my primary choice for word processing. I use it most of the time I want to create any document or spreadsheet. I keep all of our school records in my Google Drive. I will offer a word of caution. I am not technically savvy enough to know how it might happen, but I have been warned that there could be some privacy issues with the Drive. I do not keep anything extremely private there. Anything I need to create that may need to be secure, I use a word processing program and save directly to my computer.

When opened, Google Drive looks like a typical word processing program. You can choose to create a document, a spreadsheet, a presentation, a form, or a drawing.

I use the document and spreadsheet options most often. These can be created just as typical word processing program would work. The document option allows you to change fonts, change format, insert tables, etc. The spreadsheet option allows you to create multiple sheets, set parameters for columns and rows, etc.

The very unique thing about Google Drive is in the way your work is saved. Everything you do is saved automatically to the Drive. But you can also download your work to your computer in a variety of formats including PDF and Microsoft Word. You can also share your work either through publishing it to the web privately or publicly or through email. When you share a file with a person or a group, you can choose to allow them to view the document or also edit it. Kathryne and I use this feature when we work on documents for the preschool praise club we direct. When she creates a document, she can share it with me, and when I create a document, I can share it with her. We can even work on the document at the same time.

One of the main reasons I use this for all my school records is because I can access my drive from any computer or mobile device. If my computer is down, I can still have access to my records. I can also download the files that are especially important and save them on my computer also.

Another very cool feature about Google Drive is the ability to create a form that you can share for others to fill out. You can create your form using the very user friendly form option. This will guide you through setting up your form which you can then send to the group that you need to fill it out. The forms then come back to you with the information. This makes a very simple and succinct way to get information from a group.

Google Drive is one of my favorite and most used Google features.

There are other fun things that Google offers.

Google Plus is still somewhat new territory to me. It is a social media sharing platform and a photo sharing platform. You can organize your contacts into circles and determine who sees what. You can also use it to back up any photos from your computer or mobile device. I love that it backs up my phone pictures automatically. Before I set up this feature, I lost a whole week’s worth of photos by accidentally deleting them. Now my photos are backed up automatically. I have my photos set to private, so those backed up photos won’t be seen unless I chose to share them.

There are even more great Google features: Maps, which I happen to prefer to Mapquest, Images, which allows you to search for images of anything, Play, which is a store for purchasing apps that can be sent to an android mobile device, and much more. You can check it out by looking at your options bar when you are in any Google feature.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of posts, and I hope you’ve learned something that makes your life a little easier.

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