Review of The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook from PeopleKeys

This review was an interesting one to complete. I will admit that when I first checked out PeopleKeys website, I wasn’t sure what their products had to do with homeschooling. The organization provides assessments- some online, some in print- to evaluate behavioral characteristics to aid in hiring employees. As I looked around more and as we used the book we received, I did see how this could be beneficial to us as educators and students also. I chose to evaluate The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook.

 photo peoplekeys-logo_zpse1faa0a6.jpgI was interested in knowing the learning styles of my children. We had recently reviewed a study skills lapbook that Kathryne and Charles completed. The lapbook had specifically mentioned that it is good to know your learning style. So it was a discussion we had had and it was interesting to them to find out their learning style.

I received a print copy of The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook. On the site, it can be purchased for $13. The age suggested for the workbook is 13 and up. I used it for my 9th grader and 8th grader. They did well with it. I don’t think a much younger student could use it. The application parts at the end would really suit a college student well.

When we received the workbook, I wanted the older kids to use it, and I wanted to use it to determine my learning/teaching style even though I had a pretty good idea what it would be.

The book begins with some information about why it is important to know your learning style. It then has a twenty question multiple choice section. Each of the questions is answered with an X a Y or a Z. After the questions are marked, the book explains how to use those marks to determine your learning style- auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Then the book explains what each of those styles means and gives some learning strengths for each style.

There is also a section called “Learner’s Toolbox.” It lists things that each learning style can benefit from using. There are Learning Exercises that give examples of career choices that fit each learning style and examples of school assignments and how each learning style could complete that assignment. There is a section that guides the student through designing a learning environment based upon his learning style. There is a review section with questions about what the book has gone over. And then there is a Teaching Styles Work Sheet that helps the student match his learning style with each teacher’s teaching style if possible.

My daughter turned out to be almost an even mix of learning styles. She was slightly more of a visual learner which is what I had suspected. My son was more a kinesthetic learner. I had also expected that. I am a visual learner/teacher.

I have mixed feelings about this workbook. On one hand, I think it is valuable to know your learning style. On the other hand, I think that focusing on one learning style to the exclusion of others can limit a student. I think that using what you know about your learning style to help you study can be helpful.

I also didn’t like some of the questions in the book. I think they were not very applicable to 13-14 year olds who are in the suggested age group for this workbook. I think there were questions my kids really couldn’t relate to, and I’m sure this influences the outcome of the test.

The workbook is part of a complete set. The set might be useful for older students. Perhaps older high school or college aged students may find the questions more applicable. And students who are studying more independently may find the suggestions more helpful.

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