Shakespeare in Bits: A Great Way to Teach Shakespeare (And a great offer from Educents!)

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When I decided to teach in a Charlotte Mason style pretty close to the beginning of our homeschool journey, I added the reading of Shakespeare to our curriculum. There are so many great reasons to read and teach Shakespeare that I could probably write a whole post about that. But we’ve had a great experience reading and studying some of Shakespeare’s plays.

Last year while looking for additional resources for Macbeth- the play we were currently studying, I found Shakespeare in Bits. This program from MindConnexi s an online study for several of the more well-known Shakespeare plays.

The program shows the words of the play while playing an animation of the scene. There is a tab at the top that will show additional notes for that scene. And there is a tab that will give the synopsis of the play. The program is considered to be for grades 7-12, but my younger girls have a pretty good grasp of some of Shakespeare’s works because we’ve introduced them in story form (Lamb’s Tales…), so they can enjoy this program also.

I was able to use the program for Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar. I was especially excited about Julius Caesar because we are studying the Romans in history, and I wanted to be able to play scenes from this play for the kids as we discussed Caesar.

I love the presentation in this program. The animation helps the kids to really see what is happening. Sometimes the original dialogue is difficult to understand, and kids can’t picture what is happening. Being able to see the animation as the scene is read helps the play to come alive. Even my younger girls (ages 9 and 8) can understand much of the play when they have this extra bit of explanation.

I also like the notes and synopsis. The extra information helps to explain what is going and what Shakespeare probably meant using different words or phrases.

You can see a demo of the program here.

I think this is a great resource to make Shakespeare easy to understand- even for younger kids. Today Educents has a great deal on the package of three plays- Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Julius Caesar. For $32 you can get a program license for these three plays.

To purchase this great deal from Educents click here.

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