Thoughts on Introverts and Friendships: No More Perfect Friends

When the topic of No More Perfect Friends came up for the Hearts at Home blog hop, I must admit a little trepidation. Why would writing a post about friendship be a little unnerving to me? The fact is that I’ve never been particularly good at this friend thing. I’m an introvert. And by nature, I don’t reach out to many people as close friends. I would say that Jason, my husband, is my very close friend. He’s probably the only person who really knows me. Growing up, I typically had one or two close friends at any one time. So the question is: why am I so reluctant to have close friends? To be honest, I don’t really try.

Introverts and friendship

I think the answer to this question may lie in the subject for this month’s hop. Could it be that I don’t have close friends because I’m looking for the “perfect” friend, and that person doesn’t exist?

I expect a person who is going to know everything about me and still love me. But I don’t really want to share much about myself.

I expect a person who is willing to bare her soul to me and tell me her deepest thoughts. But I’m really pretty judgmental and would form critical opinions even if I kept them to myself.

I expect a friend who will like what I like. But God made us all very different, so why should that be my expectation.

I expect a friend who will consider my time schedule and my physical needs and my preferences when it comes to scheduling get togethers. But why should my preferences be more important than hers?

I think that perhaps the message here is that no friendship is going to be perfect. I’m certainly not perfect. Why should I expect a friend that will be. I think I need, instead, to seek out who God wants me to be friends with. Maybe I need to be authentic and transparent myself in order to encourage that in someone else. Maybe I need to be honest about the fact that I’m not the perfect friend. But together imperfect people can encourage each other and strengthen each other. There are no perfect friendships, but their is a perfect God with a perfect plan for our relationships.

This post was originally linked up with the Hearts at Home blog hop- No More Perfect Friends.

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