Weekly Wrap Up: My Father's World Week 7

This week we were recovering from our Disney trip, so I had decided beforehand that we wouldn’t do full school this week. We did do everything from our My Father’s World curriculum, but we left off some of the “extra stuff.” We’ve been working on school since the first week of August, and I thought we could probably afford the little break.

Jason was home on Monday which always makes for an interesting school day. I ran him out of the house encouraged him to be outdoors on the lovely fall day. He worked in the yard for most of the day doing a terrific job cleaning some things out. He made a fire on his burning pile, so Charles requested hamburgers and hotdogs for supper to go along with a bonfire.

Every week I tell Jason in amazement that I really, really like My Father’s World. Even though I was totally sold on it, I did have some trepidation. We were investing lots of money, and I was taking a leap to go to a planned out curriculum. But I love it. I can’t praise it enough.

This week we studied:

Bible: We began reading through the New Testament writings of Jesus’s birth. We began using a book called Journey Through the Bible. Kathryne has been using this book for a while, but the younger kids’ curriculum hasn’t used it until this week. I really like the way that it explains different things in the Bible that we read about. It contains information about the cultural and historical information surrounding the Biblical account.

History: Kathryne, in the ancient time period, finished up reading The Cat of Bubastes this week.

The younger crew and I are finishing up reading Augustus Caesar’s World. In this week’s reading we had the opportunity to read about some of the ancient Greek philosophers. It was interesting, and at first I was a little concerned about reading this section because of the worldviews presented. Augustus Caesar’s World is not written from a Christian perspective, so the book’s presentation of the philosophies didn’t reflect a Christian view. I read it anyway, and we had some really good discussions about the information. This is one of the beautiful things about homeschooling. Often people think we are keeping our kids at home and sheltering them from anything that is not Christian. In reality, I find myself sharing lots of non-Christian worldview things with my children. The difference is that when we are sharing this at home, I have the opportunity to talk to them about it. And we can discuss and compare these things to our Christian worldview. It is a great opportunity!

Science: Kathryne continued on with her biology this week even though I had said she could have the week off. She is really enjoying biology- something I didn’t really expect. She had a project this week to begin. She laid out a piece of damp bread, a blob of jelly, and some sliced strawberries; and we are watching them mold. Lovely. She also dragged out our old microscope from an Usborne kit. I knew that she needed a microscope this year, but we just couldn’t afford a nice one. I knew we had the old one, but I thought I remembered having a very hard time actually using it. So I had already decided to borrow a good one from a friend and let her just do as many of her labs as she could while we borrowed it. She dragged out the old one and set it up and actually got it to work pretty well! Then she started catching ants- we have an ant problem in the school room- and examining them. It was a little disturbing to walk through the school room and hear her talking to the ants that were slowly dying on her microscope slide. I told her I didn’t know whether to be encouraged by her love of learning and interest in biology or to be disturbed by her clear enjoyment in the analysis of dying insects.

The Human Body Book that My Father’s World is using and that I have been doing with Ashlyne and Rachel is great. It is filled with models of parts of the body. This week we put together a model of the ear and talked about how the ear works to hear sounds.

Language arts: We are working with two different review products this week.

Kathryne is taking online classes in essay writing from Bridgeway Academy. She is really enjoying it. Writing is something that she loves anyway, and I think she’s enjoying learning more about it. I’m looking forward to doing this review.

All of the kids are set up on Vocabulary/Spelling City– a way to practice your spelling and vocabulary lists online. I’ve been using the spelling words from SchoolhouseTeachers.com, so I took those words and created lists for the kids to practice using games and learning activities. This is another fun review.

Extras: On Thursday we went up to Charlotte for the children’s theater production of the Tarzan musical. It was very good- pretty close in plot to the Disney version of the movie. Our children’s theater does a very good job.

Today was Fun Friday co-op. My younger girls had lots of fun going to Canada today in travel class. Then I had several experiments for our science time- all about the human body. We all enjoy Fun Friday!

Charles is determined to teach me to play chess. We’ve been working on using a “learn to play chess” dvd and game set that I am reviewing right now. I’ve never really understood the game well, but I am learning. There is hope yet.

Tonight Ashlyne was my cooking buddy. I’ve been wanting to try out the new gluten free crusts from Pillsbury, and I had a recipe for an apple crisp pie that I’ve been dying to try. So we took the recipe and used my gf crust and flour. It turned out pretty good. The gf crust was great!

Next week we are back to a full schedule. I can’t believe that fall is now fully upon us. The time will change soon, and it will be dark so early. I’m not really looking forward to that.

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