Weekly Wrap Up: Week Five of My Father's World

Devotions: Devotions is done with Kathryne. We were still reading Seed Sowers this week. It is a book about missions that I’m reviewing for TOS. We’ve really enjoyed it and been inspired by what we’ve read. We’re taking a break from it starting today and reading a book about Jim Elliot’s life that I also have the opportunity to review.

Bible: Charles, Ashlyne and Rachel are into a Bible memory section of their Bible time. Last week they were assigned the books of the NT. This week they were assigned Romans 5:8, Romans 3:23, and Romans 8:28. Because we do AWANA, I am not focusing on memory work for them. They actually all knew the books of the NT very well and were at least somewhat familiar with the three verses. I’m taking our time during Bible time to do the reading and discussion for the memory work.

History: The younger three and I are still reading through Augustus Caesar’s World and discussing ancient Rome. This week we read about Octavian becoming the first emperor of Rome.

Kathryne is using timeline figures from Homeschool in the Woods as part of her history curriculum. I had at first decided not to buy the timeline materials because I previously owned those very figures and sold them. (It’s a long story. Just remember I’m a curriculum junkie.) As Kathryne read through her guide, it was clear that these figures and the book were really important. So last weekend I ordered the set. It came today, and she caught up on the book.

Human Body Study: This little part of the younger kids’ curriculum is something I probably wouldn’t have done on my own. But it has been a very fun and interesting part of our days. I do it only with Ashlyne and Rachel (because Charles has a pretty involved Apologia science course). This week we made a model of the tongue.

Apologia: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day: This week I read about feathers with Ashlyne and Rachel. I’ve never considered myself an ornithologist. But, I must say, I have a greater interest in birds myself now. We talked about why birds rub oil on their feathers and we experimented with this by dipping a feather without oil into water and then dipping a feather with oil into water.

Math: Everyone loves Life of Fred. I can’t believe that it took me so long to discover a math program that makes so much sense. I read the book out loud to Ashlyne and Rachel for now. We are going to slowly transition to them reading it for themselves. But honestly I want to read it because it is so fun.

Read Aloud: I don’t have time to read aloud every day. But our scheduled read aloud for now is The Bronze Bow, and the kids are enjoying it more than they had anticipated. I like it also, and I wish we had time to read it every day.

Fun Stuff:

Thursday evening the girls and I took a walk/ride around the block while Charles was at basketball. Rachel found a large feather which was very nice, considering our bird study. We picked it up (and carefully washed our hands) to study later.

This afternoon, after we dropped Ashlyne off at the gym, Charles and Rachel and I went geocaching. We logged five caches today, including a mystery cache that took us on a little history tour around our local college campus. Rachel also collected quite a few nature items that she kept to start a little collection.

It was a good week. I can’t believe we only have one more week until Disney!

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