Weekly Wrap Up: Week Six of My Father's World

This week was Week 6 in our My Father’s World curriculum. We are still loving it, and this week held some fun things- with our curriculum and in addition to it.

Devotions: We took a break from the Seed Sowers book- review coming next week- and begin reading a biography of Jim Elliot.

Bible: The little girls, Charles, and I studied Old Testament prophecies of Christ and their New Testament fulfillment.

History: We read quite a bit about Roman arches and aqueducts. We built a Roman arch out of pudding boxes. This was quite a feat because the book- although offering instructions, doesn’t have a picture. I googled it and found quite a few pictures of other people’s projects from this week of My Father’s World. So here’s our photo to add to the bunch. Only the first picture actually follows the directions. Then my creative children were devising their own thing.

Science: Ashlyne and Rachel and I are still studying birds and feather. I found this very cute nest on my parent’s porch and took a picture of it for the girls to see when we get to nest building.

We started back with our science group this week. When we gathered with our friends, the kids talked about craters and did some experiments making their own craters by dropping balls in flour and recording some measurements to compare.

Art: Charles is loving our art curriculum- God and the History of Art- that was recommended for My Father’s World. This week we drew bridges and arches because or our Roman study. Rachel really enjoys art also. Ashlyne is aperfectionist and doesn’t like it when her art doesn’t turn out like the pictures in the book.



Extra curricular: We had our Fun Friday group today. Kathryne and Charles were less than thrilled to dissect a grasshopper in their dissection class. My 3rd and 4th graders had big excitement when we found a lizard in the room. Charles and I were excited about the arrival of our “learn to play” chess set that arrived for review today. I’m hoping that I might learn enough to actually beat him.

The chess set!

It is hard to believe, but in just over twenty-four hours we’ll be leaving for Disney World. Next week will be filled with fun and Disney.

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