Where is God When There Are Bad Things Happening?

When bad things happen, even devout Christians can begin to question why God is allowing these things to happen. Yesterday and today, in light of the anniversary of September 11, Philip Yancey’s book, The Question That Never Goes Away is free for Kindle.

From the book’s description on Amazon:

Some days, the news seems too much to bear. Yet another tsunami or earthquake or flood or fire or war atrocity. One more gun-toting madman stalking young people in idyllic Norway or moviegoers in Colorado or schoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut. We turn off the news only to get a phone call about expectant parents with a stillborn baby, or a loved one whose cancer has returned. 

Really, God? we ask. This again?

If we have faith in God, it gets shaken to the core. What was God doing in the moment when that tragedy could have been prevented? If we can’t trust God to keep our children safe or our loved ones from dying in agony, what can we trust God for? 

In his classic book Where Is God When It Hurts, Philip Yancey gave us permission to doubt, reasons not to abandon faith, and practical ways to reach out to hurting people. Now, with new perspectives and stories gathered across nearly twenty-five years, once again he tackles the hard questions head-on. His visits to three places in 2012 raised the old problems with new urgency. 

More veteran pilgrim than curious journalist in his later years, Yancey faces with his trademark honesty the issues that often undermine faith, yet he emerges with comfort and hope. Along the way, he shows that Christians have an important role to play in bringing healing to a deeply wounded world.

There are hopeful reasons to ask, once again, the question that never goes away. . . .

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free app for your desktop or tablet device here: Free Kindle apps.

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