Blogging Through the Alphabet: B is for Best Of... Blog Posts

This week’s letter is B. B reminds me of blogging, one of my favorite past times. I love to blog, and love to read other blogs. For this week’s letter B, I am going to post links to some of my all time Best Of… blog posts.

I’ve looked up some of my all time highest page views and picked some of my very favorite posts to highlight.

Interestingly, my most read post ever is Workboxes: The Setup.  This is very ironic for me because, although I liked the idea of workboxes and took some of the ideas from the method, workboxes never really took off for us. I also think it is interesting because I wrote this post before I ever began making things look appealing or adding pictures. It looks kind of dry. But, apparently lots of people are interested in workboxes.

Another post with high hit numbers is one I didn’t really write very much of. This past September, Philip Yancy’s book- The Question That Never Goes Away- was offered for free on Amazon. I posted about it here. And there were quite a few views for this one. I hope many of those folks were able to pick up the book for free!

I’m happy that this next one has had high view numbers. I liked it too! A Comprehensive Guide to Homeschool Planners was fun to write. In this post, I confess about the number of print, digital, and online planners I’ve tried and I give some pros and cons of each. If you’re have trouble finding a planner, check it out. I think I’ve tried almost every one known to man- at least to homeschool moms.

This one didn’t really make the high view lists, but it’s a recent one that was close to my heart. Last month’s Hearts at Home blog hop topic was No More Perfect Friends. My post is a heartfelt confession about my friend expectations.

So B is for Best Of… Blog Posts. Check out some of them and comment to let me know what you think. Or if you’ve read another of my posts that you think should have made the list, let me know that also.

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