Blogging Through the Alphabet: A is for Autumn

It’s time for another round of Blogging Through the Alphabet with Marcy at Ben and Me.

It’s that time of year. The air is chilly in the mornings. Leaves are covering the trampoline and the driveway. It’s rainy. Dark is coming sooner and sooner. It’s autumn in South Carolina.

I can’t say that autumn is my favorite season. To be honest, I really don’t like it. At all. I miss the sun. I don’t like the leaves tracked in. But whether I like it or not, autumn arrives every year. And there are traditions that I like even if I don’t love the season.

Fall Festivals- There’s nothing like a good fall festival to make me feel more “in the season.” A few booths of fun games and candy and some pumpkin painting helps me to enjoy autumn.

Pumpkin carving: We carve pumpkins. Big ones, little ones, all sizes. One year we even carved some unknown gourd because I waited too long to buy the pumpkin. And the year I my hysterectomy at the end of October, the pumpkin ended up rotting in the back of my car until March. It’s a fall memory we’ll NEVER forget.

Trick or Treating- We didn’t do this often when the kids were much younger. When they all were old enough to walk around, we started going to my sister’s neighborhood which is large and pretty family friendly in decorating. There is also lots of candy. (So much for clean eating.) Last year we went with close friends which was especially fun.

Bonfires– The kids love it when it’s cool enough for Jason to start lighting the burning pile more regularly. It’s a family event to watch the fire in the dark.

The Apple Orchard- We’ve gone to our local apple orchard for many years now. Not only do we hear the story of Johnny Appleseed, the owner always gives the gospel story during tours. And we get to pick apples or pumpkins at the end. I’m really sad that I’m gluten free this year and won’t get to eat the world famous (or at least locally famous) apple cider donuts.

Having fun traditions makes autumn bearable- and sometimes even fun.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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