Free, Fun, and Frugal: October 12, 2013 Edition

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Here are the Freebies, Giveaways and Good Deals I’ve found around the web this week.

I’ve been checking out educational apps this week. My younger girls enjoy playing my Kindle, and I like it if I have something educational that they can play.

BrainPop is a cool online resource that has some freebies and a paid subscription. This app offers a movie every day that the kids can watch and then take a little quiz about.

BrainPOP Featured Movie

Vocabulary/Spelling City is an online spelling and vocabulary resource that am reviewing right now. It offers some great ways to practice spelling words (you can enter your custom list) and vocabulary. The online resource is free, and this app is free. But you can also pay for a premium membership with added features, and if you do, you can use it with the app also. I’m enjoying the online resource.

SpellingCity (Kindle Tablet Edition)

Currclick has a great free horses lapbook from Journey to Learning. This would be a great one for those little girls that love horses. I’ve had several in that phase.

Don’t forget the free Kindle books that Amazon has this week. And if you don’t have a Kindle you can get Free Kindle apps for your computer or tablet.


My kids laugh at me because I enter giveaways. But I don’t hear them complaining when I occasionally win.

This one ends tomorrow, but it is a great $25 gift card for Novica jewelry from Happy Little Homemaker.

This one doesn’t have long either, but it looks like lots of fun. Debbie’s Homeschool Corner has a complete set of educational games from Super Star Games. I’ve never heard of Super Star Games before, but it looks great from her review.

If you missed the opportunity to get Not Just Tacos free for Kindle a few weeks ago, you can enter to win a hard copy from Kathy’s Cluttered Mind. I did get the freebie, and this is a great resource for learning about Latin America. It isn’t just a cookbook. It also teaches about the culture and customs of the countries.

Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies has a great chance to win a $100 gift card to either Amazon or the Bulk Herb store. Leave a homemaking tip and be entered into the drawing.

I REALLY need to win this one from Educents. It’s College Prep Result’s two month online class for SAT prep. I have a new high schooler that could really use this one!

If you can’t get it free, at least get a deal. Here are some of the good deals I’ve found this week.

Today’s deal from Educents makes me wish I had little people to homeschool again. It’s a Fall Activity Bundle full of all kinds of fun fall educational resources. It is $24.95 right now.

If you love lapbooking- I do!- check out A Journey Through Learning’s Fall Sale. You can use the coupon code to get a 40% discount at checkout!

I’ve been looking at this Charlotte Mason style writing curriculum- Write from Ancient History. Currclick has it on sale from $30.95 marked down to $9.99. I am so excited!

So there are some of the freebies, giveaways and deals I’ve found this week. If you have any deals or giveaways to add, leave them in the comments.

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