Notebooking Guest Post: Unlock the Love of Learning

I’ve been featuring several guest posts about notebooking this month. Hopefully you’ve learned more about notebooking and you’re inspired to get started. This month’s post encourages you to take the leap. If you’ve missed the other posts, you can find them here.

Cut Out the Busywork; Try Notebooking
Laying a New Foundation
Explore, Discover, and Create…With Notebooking

Are you wondering how to revamp or improve
what you’ve been doing in your day-to-day schooling.
Do you want or NEED shorter days, a richer learning environment,
or just more freedom to “school” without all the busywork?
Would you like to see a greater spark in your child’s eye?
Visit for free and affordable resources that will unlock the love of learning in your child!

Thank you to Debra Reed from for the great articles!

This short video can give you more information about starting with notebooking.

Visit to learn more about their LIFETIME memberships
and their notebooking (& copywork) web-app, The Notebooking Publisher™

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