Review of God's World News: Current Events From a Christian Perspective (Available for All Ages!)

I have been familiar with God’s World News for many years- since I was a second grade teacher in the years before I was a mom. Because of previous experiences, I was very excited to be able to do this review.

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We received for review a one year subscription to Trak, the high school edition of God’s World News.

 photo trak36_zps526c150f.jpgGod’s World News is a publisher that provides news magazines for all ages- God’s Big World for preK and Kindergarten; Early Edition for grades 1-2; News Flash for grades 3-4; News Current for grades 5-6; Top Story for middle school; and Trak for high schoolers. They also offer an adult publication called simply World Magazine.  I also saw a recent email about a writing curriculum for middle schoolers- Write With World. I thought this looked like a great tool for struggling writers who needed a reason to write or for budding journalists who might have the interest in writing for a publication one day.

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A full year subscription of any edition is $28. This is for ten months (excludes May and December). If two or more different subscriptions are mailed to the same address, there are discounts for multiple subscriptions. That way you can choose the appropriate subscriptions for multiple ages of children.

When I taught in a Christian school, I subscribed for my entire class, and they offer special rates for schools and classrooms also. (Tell your teacher friends.)

I was thrilled to receive the God’s World News subscription, not only because I remembered it as a quality publication from my teaching years, but also because our curriculum- My Father’s World- had recommended this publication as a supplementary reading; but I didn’t add it in to all of our start up cost this year. I was especially excited to receive an email letting me know that because we are God’s World News subscribers we would be receiving a print edition of World Magazine and a year’s subscription to the World community. When I logged on to the website, I could access the teen site with articles, fun things, games, and activities for teens, the kids site with games and activities geared just for kids, and the full adult site with digital editions of World Magazine, up to the minute articles and updates, social media sharing ability, and much more. I can also access answer keys and activities that go along with the different God’s World News editions.

This is an amazing resource.  I jumped into using it right away by requiring my older kids to read it and write me a short paragraph summary about one article once a week. They can pick any article, and this isn’t a formal “report.” I just want them to get used to keeping up with current events and processing what they read about those events.

There are so many things that I can tell you that I love about God’s World News. Here are my top five.

1. News from a Christian worldview. It is extremely hard to find news that comes from a Christian perspective. For good reason, I am always unsure how much to trust about what the news channels are saying. I know that I can trust the news from God’s World News. I know that it comes from an organization that has the same worldview that I have.

2. Age appropriate news. I don’t let my kids watch the news- not even my middle schooler and high schooler. As I already said above, I don’t know how much of it I can even trust, and even if I wanted to try to pick through it and find the truths therein, I don’t want my children- who don’t yet have the years of experience that I do- to have to do so. I want them to know what’s going on in the world around them. But I want them to know the truth. I don’t want them to be frightened by media sensationalism. And I don’t want them to be confused by conflicting world views. I trust God’s World News.

3. Interesting stories. My older kids were a little skeptical when I told them I was adding another element to their weekly assigned work. There was the beginnings of some grumbling. But they bravely picked up their first issues. And they were pleasantly surprised. There’s something here for everyone. In our first issues there were articles that both of them found interesting. They were actually pretty happy about reading them.

4. The amazing website resource. Just tonight I found a biography of Jane Austin. It can be read on the site or downloaded. It has lots of great information about her life and that time period. There’s a little quiz to check comprehension. And there’s another fun writing activity. I also found an article in the younger kids section that is about baby macaws. Ashlyne and Rachel are studying birds this year, and they would love to see the pictures of the baby birds and how they grow. I see great potential with the resources on the website. I’m sure there is even more I could use as I have more and more time to work with it.

5. The length of the editions. If you have a reluctant reader of any age, you will be able to understand me. It does not matter how appealing or exciting the publication is, if it is too long, my reluctant reader will balk. I’m impressed by the size of the Trak editions. I compared it to the World Magazine (for adults) that I received. Even though the material covered in Trak is definitely becoming more mature than the younger editions, the magazine is still shorter and the reading level easier than the adult version. This means my reluctant reader isn’t instantly turned off.

God’s World News has been a winner for us. I plan to budget it for next year so that we can continue to have a subscription.

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