The Beauty of Nature in the Fall

Fall is not my favorite season- not by a very long shot. Days are getting shorter and shorter. The time changes. It’s cooler, and I have to break out the jeans and sweat pants. I really don’t like it. But I must admit there are some beautiful sites in nature during the fall. Even summer lovers like me who hate to see fall slide in and end the greatest season, have to admit that God has filled nature with beauty in fall. (Perhaps it’s to make up for all of those negative things!)

Leaves: No matter how old they get, my kids love to sweep up a big pile of leaves to jump in. I love the color of the leaves as they are all swept into a pile. I love the crunchy sound when they sweep them up and jump in. They also never get too old for leaf rubbings. My youngest today wanted to go out and gather a few leaves for rubbing.

Pumpkins: Bright orange pumpkins are a symbol of the changing season. I can see pumpkin patches cropping up from a local church who hosts a patch each year to city farmer’s markets. There is just something really pretty about all those bright orange pumpkins all gathered together.

Apples: I know, I know. We can enjoy apples all season long. But I know the grocery stores often ship our fruit here from many other places. In the fall, lots of stores offer local apples. They are heaped up in glorious red, green, and even pink piles. (I love Pink Ladies!)

Acorns: They are all over the yard in fall. They fall in little heaps or singly, one by one. Sometimes they are falling so often that it sounds like a slow rain when I get into my car parked under the tree. They are very cute with their little hats. Sometimes we can find them whole, and sometimes they are halfway eaten by the little squirrels running all around.

Sunflowers: There are a few local farms that have some huge sunflowers in the fall. Our local apple orchard has a sunflower trail into a circle where kids hear the story of Johnny Appleseed before heading off to tour the farm. The black and yellow flowers are a beautiful way to start the orchard tour.

So, even though I’m already missing warmer ready and I’m getting out my footy pajamas in preparation for cold nights, I do enjoy the beauty around us in this fall season.

Cruise along with other Review Crew members enjoying the beauty of the season here.


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