Weekly Wrap Up: My Father's World Week 8

This was our eighth week with My Father’s World. We were also back to doing all of our regular school this week.

Devotions: We are reading through Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose, the book I’m reviewing. I’ve been using the study guide that came with the book also. On Thursday we made banners with Spanish verses and sayings.

Bible: The younger group and I are still reading through the New Testament- covering the visit of the Magi and Jesus as a boy in the temple. One of my very favorite things about My Father’s World is the way that every single thing we read is integrated. We read about the Magi in Matthew on the same day that we read about Magi in the East from Augustus Caesar’s World. It’s great.

History: We are still reading through Augustus Caesar’s World and talking about the Roman Empire. We’ve also focused on Judea as a Roman province. As supplementary reading we are reading The Bronze Bow. I’ve never read this novel from Elizabeth George Spears, and I am enjoying it as much or more than the kids.

Science: Charles is on Module 7 of Apologia’s Physical Science. This chapter has become infamous in our house for the weather recording experiment. Kathryne had weeks of recording the weather last year, and now Charles is doing it.
    Ashlyne and Rachel and I are learning about Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. This week was great because we had a visit to our local nature museum on Tuesday. In the central animal room there are many rolling carts with all kinds of animal specimens to study. Rachel discovered a case of bird feathers and eggs and nests- and even some whole wings and birds. We had a very interesting time looking at what we recognized from  our reading.
     I am also continuing on with the Human Body study with the little girls. We made a skin model this week and we tested the strength of hair- straight and curly.

Extracurricular: On Monday evening I took Kathryne to a college fair. It’s hard for me to believe that in four years she’ll be moving in that direction. All of the ideas that she has for a future life so far will require college. Although she is seeking God’s will for what He wants her to do, she is leaning toward studying education or psychology. It was fun for her to see some regional colleges and what they have to offer.

     On Tuesday we went to the museum with our science group so that the kids could see the planetarium show. The kids always enjoy looking around the museum, and I stayed with the little girls in the children’s room while the big kids all went in and watched the planetarium show.

     Today my talented brother-in-law met us at the park to take pictures of the kids to use as samples on his Facebook web page. You can check out his photography here. I took some pictures while they were posting. Mine aren’t nearly as good, but it was fun.

We’ve had another good week using My Father’s World. We have some fun reviews going on right now also, and I am looking forward to posting the reviews. We are having lots of fun with our school year.
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