Weekly Wrap Up: Week 10 of My Father's World

I learned an important lesson this week. Never let your 8 year old play with the science project lava lamps on her own. More about that later.

In school things:

Devotions: We are still reading the biography of Jim Elliot (finishing up from a recent review) but we are also using the videos and lessons from Lost in India.  This very interesting (and free!) program uses videos, little quizzes, and activities to teach kids about the country of India and the need that the people have for the gospel. Families can raise money during the weeks of the program and donate it to help children in India attend Bible school. Mission India is the name of the mission group, and they are partnering with Sonlight Curriculum publishers. Sonlight is matching any donations given during the four weeks of the program. We started a little late, but we are almost caught up in videos, and the kids are really enjoying it.

Bible and History: Charles, the younger girls, and I are now through Christ’s ministry and reading about the early church. Most of reading for Bible and history this week was from the Bible. I love that My Father’s World emphasizes the fact that the Bible is a history book. We’re reading in Acts this week. We are supposed to be working on memory verses, but because we do AWANA already, I’ve been going over the verses but not making them recite them. We also use them for copywork and dictation and I posted them in the schoolroom.

Art: We practiced drawing the human body in proportion this week. As with everything in My Father’s World, this tied in with other learning we are doing about the human body. I am enjoying the learn to draw things we are doing as much or more than the kids.

Science: As I mentioned last week, Ashlyne, Rachel, and I are taking a break from Flying Creatures to review the Chemistry and Physics elementary book from Apologia. I’m thinking it is going to be awfully hard to get them back to birds after this. On Thursday we made “lava lamps.” The purpose was to look at the density of oil and water. We put oil, water, and food coloring into bottles and dropped an alka seltzer tablet in and screwed the lid on. It took time for the tablet to drop through the oil, and when it did, the colored water slowly bubbled up to the top. It was very cool.

It was, in fact, so cool that Rachel wanted to show her friend who is spending the night tonight. She was pretty excited and wasn’t waiting for me to come help. She dropped in the tablets and didn’t close the lid right away. We had a pink food coloring explosion. It was pretty messy. Might cure me of wanting to do experiments for a while.

Extracurricular: Today was oral book report day- possibly our last. We have a mom from church who has made a point in the fall to host other homeschoolers from our church for an orla book report day. She makes hot apple cider. We all bring snacks and goodies. And the kids do a short report on a book they’ve read recently. It has been an event we all look forward to. This year was the first year I’ve made all of the kids do one- Rachel’s first year. Unfortunately, this may be our last year. The family who hosts is going to school next year, so they can’t host book report day. One of the other of us needs to take over, but it won’t be the same.

The days are getting shorter here. It is a sure thing that fall has arrived. It’s hard to believe we are coming up on Week 11 of our My Father’s World curriculum. It has been lots of fun, and we are all enjoying it.

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