Weekly Wrap Up: Week 11 of My Father's World

It’s hard for me to believe that we just finished up our 11th week in My Father’s World. We are heading out of the Romans soon. This week we read about the early church and Paul’s missionary journeys. We are also reading Galen and the Gateway of Medicine. In that we are getting a glimpse of the Roman and Greek cultures in the early years AD. Next week we will be planning and having a Roman feast to wrap up what we’ve learned about the Romans.

One of the really fun things for me from the curriculum this year has been using God and the History of Art. Sometimes we look at works of art, and we sometimes we practice art techniques. This week we looked at the Bust of Caligula and discussed Greek and Roman art and their similarities and differences. And we worked on drawing the bones inside of a human body. (This goes along perfectly with the human body books that the curriculum is having us read!)

This one is mine. I decided not to embarrass the kids.
Ashlyne and Rachel and I have been reading some world cultures books instead of Latin. The girls enjoy the look at other cultures, but I think their favorite part may be the blow up globe. I’ll be posting a review of these fun books soon.

Apologia chemistry/physical science continues to be a big hit. I talked about it with the girls and with Jason, and I think we are going to continue on using our bird curriculum for one unit, then a chemistry unit, then another bird unit, and so on. Alternating back and forth, it will probably take two years to cover them both. I’m fine with this because the girls are doing things they really enjoy and that means they learn more.
This week we talked about the states of matter. One day we used ice and salt to freeze some fruit juice that we put in a ziploc bag. We were discussing the freezing points, melting points, and boiling points for different substances.

I’ve said before how much I love The Body Book, a book of paper models of different parts of the body. This is one of those great books I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon on my own. I’m so glad My Father’s World has so many of those. We’ve loved the models, and this week were making models of a tooth. After the pages of tooth parts to cut out and tape, there were some extra pieces to make a “tooth movie” that was supposed to work like an old time film roll. I worked at those things forever! Just when we got them finished and couldn’t get them to work well, I happened to look down and reread my instructions from the My Father’s World guide. In a nice little note, the instructions said to omit the tooth movie because it was “poorly designed.” That’s a good way to describe it and a little nicer than what I was saying. We all learned a good lesson about the importance of reading instructions carefully.
Today was Fun Friday co-op. I help in Ashlyne and Rachel’s class for travel and science. The travel teacher talked about Spain today, and the kids made paper roses in the colors of Spain’s flag. Ashlyne and Rachel also got to be the ones to color in Spain on the map using the colors of the flag.

Charles is enjoying a class from Minecraft Homeschool. I hadn’t heard of this until recently when a homeschooling Facebook friend posted it. But it’s an actual class with teachers and other students that uses Minecraft as a teaching tool. The theme for this class is Castles and Cannons (the Middle Ages). Each week the kids have a list of assignments that include things to build in Minecraft and research of the Middle Ages. How well they do with the homework determines credits they have in the game. He’s enjoying the class. He would play Minecraft 24/7 if we let him. And I like that he’s playing for a little more educational purpose.

Tomorrow is our fall festival at church and another fall festival where I am going to help with a booth for our local Children’s Attention Home. It’s been awfully cold here and feeling like it’s really headed into winter. I’m hoping that tomorrow won’t be freezing!
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