Weekly Wrap: Week 9 of My Father's World

This was our ninth week with My Father’s World. After all of this time, I still have only good things to say about the curriculum. It was very funny at co-op today when another mom and I were describing to a third mom our experiences with My Father’s World. At the same time both of us used the word “beautiful.” It is true. I love the way that everything we do is connected. This week were talking about the life of Christ and the crucifixion and resurrection at the same time we were reading about Augustus Caesar’s successor and the impact of Rome’s rule on the Jews. We’re also reading The Bronze Bow as our “for fun” book, so even that is historical fiction tied in with the same time period.

Kathryne is also really enjoying My Father’s World for high school. She loves reading, and so this very literature based program is right up her alley.

Bible and History this week: We read through parts of Luke to discuss the life of Christ and His ministry. We are almost finished reading Augustus Caesar’s World. We’ve come to the end of the life of Augustus and discussed his successor, Tiberius. We also read an overview of the emperors who followed Augustus from Streams of Civilization. On Thursday we made resurrection cookies. I’ve done this with my older kids on Easter, but the younger ones couldn’t remember it. Every ingredient in the recipe has a part of the Easter account and then the cookies- which are basically a meringue cookie- are cooked for two hours and sit in the oven overnight to be revealed in the morning like the empty tomb. These are the instructions (from another site) if you’d like to look it up and make them for Easter. Although the cookies are meant to sit overnight, we made ours in the morning during our school time and left them all day until supper time.

Science this week: Ashlyne and Rachel and I are taking a break from Flying Creatures… to review the  Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics book from Apologia. I’m afraid we may never make a smooth transition back to birds. Both girls love chemistry and physics, and I am really looking forward to writing this review. We’ve done several experiments already this week. One of our favorite looked at the density of different liquids.

Kathryne also has had a very cool- or gross- experiment this week involving an egg. She’s learning about osmosis by placing the egg in different liquids for 24 hour periods. Even though it’s her experiment, we’ve all been pretty interested.

We met with our science group of church friends this week and discussed creation versus evolution. Although I’ve used quite a few resources from Answers in Genesis and Apologia, my friend that taught used videos from The Institute for Creation Research. They were great! I’m not sure why I haven’t stumbled upon this before, but there are some great resources there.

Other Activities: We had our Fun Friday co-op today, and it was hat day. I didn’t get any pictures, I am ashamed to say. But, I think the older group was out and about taking photos for yearbook, so hopefully we’ll have some.

In personal news: My mom has been in pretty bad shape all week due to a kidney stone. She’s having quite a bit of trouble with pain management which has resulted in hospital stays. I would surely appreciate prayer for her- that the doctors could stabilize her pain levels in order to deal with the actual stone.

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