Adventures in Gluten Free Cooking: A New Cookbook and Fun With Flours

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If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you may know that cooking is not my forte. I’ve slowly graduated from hamburger helper to actually understanding how to cook more real food, not processed. But, I must admit, packaged food still has great appeal for me.
When I began eating gluten free about six months ago (You can read that story here.), I realized that I was going to have to learn to make more things or we were going to be totally broke trying to buy gluten free food. The problem is that all of these gluten free recipes have like 400 ingredients! I’ve never faced a recipe with more than 5 ingredients without great trepidation. I’ve tried the gluten free all purpose flour. In some recipes, it substitutes just fine. But there are some things that just don’t turn out well.
For my birthday, my sister-in-law found a book-The Healthy Gluten-Free Life.
I did some reading and really learned quite a bit about the different gluten free flours. I decided to be brave and try some recipes.
Tonight I attempted two recipes- chocolate chocolate chip cookies and salisbury steak.
The cookies had a gazillion ingredients. I found all but one of the needed flours at Earth Fare. (The book said I could substitute for that one. When I spread it all out on the table, I was almost overwhelmed, but I kept on.
Using all of these ingredients sure made a mess. But I persevered.

Kathryne got in on the act scooping the cookies for me.

They looked a little like chocolate mountains before we baked them.

The final product was truly amazing. I could tell the difference between this and all the all purpose flour mixes. All of the kids and Jason approved.

I was quite pleased with myself. Not only did these turn out great, my salisbury steak was a winner too. The beef patties were seasoned and cooked in coconut oil. Everyone liked it, and Rachel requested I cook it “two times a  week.”

I’m not ready to open a restaurant yet. But it is reassuring to know that I can make good tasting, healthy, gluten free food.

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