Looking for an Awesome Homeschool Field Trip? Visit Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina

Today we went to Discovery Place- our local science museum. We renewed our membership this summer but hadn’t been back since then. If we go more than twice a year we’ve paid for membership for our large family. Sometimes we go with friends, but today we went with just the four kids and I.

Discovery Place

Because it wasn’t crowded, we were able to spend time in one of my favorite areas- the explore lab. On a crowded day, you just can’t take time to see all of the really great things there are to explore. But today we looked at bird feathers, and animal feces, and rocks, and more.

In the rain forest we saw some beautiful birds like this macaw.

Everyone practiced fort building skills in the building materials exhibit. Charles and Rachel put the most attention into theirs.

The traveling exhibit right now is “Grossology” a whole gross and disgusting exhibit about yucky animal facts. We got to make a cow belch and toot, and there were lots of these little quiz show things to teach you and test you.

Kathryne’s favorite place is “Think it Up.” It’s basically an exhibit filled with trash and duct tape. But the purpose is to see how creative you can get with the materials you have. She can get very creative. And then I realized that I had pictures of the little girls’ duct tape purses (below) but not one of Kathryne’s lunch box all completed!

The little girls always liking going to the Nose to Nose show where they get to pet an animal. This time it was this ball python snake. She was very agreeable, and they both stroked her. I also did. She was very soft actually.

Charles’s favorite exhibit- I think he could spend an entire 4 hour visit here- is the blocks. They are these small flat rectangular blocks, and anything and everything can be built from them. There are some pictures in that section of things folks have built and some creations they’ve actually glued together to keep. It’s inspiration to all the budding architects- including Charles.

It was really a great day. We had a system today. We all- me included- got to pick something we wanted to do for 30 minutes. We added thirty minutes in the traveling exhibit. That made three hours. We stopped for about thirty minutes in the middle for our picnic lunch. It was a good length of time. We had fun but weren’t exhausted.

It was a fun, field trip day.

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