Thirty Days of Thankfulness in Pictures

Each November I read the daily postings of thankfulness on Facebook. This year I’m challenging myself to take this a little further. I’m planning on posting a photo each day in November showing something I’m thankful for.

I’m a little late beginning, as it’s already the third day of the month, but I’ll be a little more diligent after this.

I would love to have readers link up to show their pictures of thankfulness for the day. Please look up the post each day and add your link. There aren’t many rules here. You don’t have to do it all month or every day. Just take a picture (or find a picture) of something you’re thankful for, post it on your blog for the day, and link up on the day’s Thirty Days of Thankfulness in Pictures post. (Keep all pictures G rated for family friendliness.) Join in and have fun!

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