Weekly Wrap Up: Happy Thanksgiving Edition

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This week was a vacation week for us. I did quite a bit of heavy cleaning and organizing. And we all some time to chill and relax. We also had a good time visiting with family. For the first time in a long time I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping. And I decided that a week is too long to take off with no school.

In the past, we’ve done a holiday unit study or some kind of light school during Thanksgiving and Christmas break. I tried taking the whole week off this week. By lunch time on Monday, I was hearing the familiar- “I’m bored.” We also had way too much screen time going on. I’m thinking for Christmas we need to revert back to our light school days.

On Monday, I cleaned out the laundry room and dug out the nativity scene and Advent wreath. Rachel helped me set up the nativity scene.

Kathryne went with Grandmommy to a get together with some international college students. They made Christmas ornaments. Kathryne brought home those she made to save for hanging on tree when we set it up.
When the girls were bored this week, Kathryne brought out some of the ideas they’ve used in their upcycling class at co-op. This project takes old tshirts and turns them into knit bags. Kathryne showed the younger girls how to make them.
Ashlyne and Rachel got into the cleaning spirit too and cleaned off the game shelf for me. In the process, they found the Monopoly game, and we realized that they had never learned to play. I remedied that Monday night, and they spent Tuesday playing a looong game of Monopoly.
Charles spent much of his week doing this. He recently finished up a class from Minecraft Homeschool (a very neat idea by the way), and his grade was high enough to get to participate in the class party which obviously was an opportunity to blow up lots of things.
Kathryne took apart an old camera that didn’t work any more. I found it in my cleaning and was going to toss it, but she has great interest in how things are made, so she took it apart. We were all pretty interested to see the insides of a digital camera, and Kathryne said she enjoyed this kind of dissecting (as opposed to the animal dissecting they do in co-op).

Tuesday night the little girls sang with our elementary choir in our church’s community Thanksgiving service. The service was quite good with music and testimonies that helped to bring our attention to thanking and praising God.

Tuesday was also my birthday. Ashlyne had hinted that a breakfast in bed was coming. However, the Monopoly game had consumed them Tuesday morning. So, I actually had breakfast in bed on Wednesday as a late birthday treat.

On Thursday morning, the kids and I made turkey cupcakes again. This year I made them gluten free. They were actually very good. As always, we were pretty silly in the making. It’s a wonder any of them even resemble turkeys.

For Thanksgiving, we eat a meal with both families. we ate at my sister’s with my side of the family and then traveled about 45 minutes to North Carolina to meet with Jason’s crew. At Jason’s side of the family, there are lots of cousins to eat and play with.

On an exciting personal note, I found out that I am going to be on the TOS Review Crew again this year. I’m extremely excited and looking forward to great things to review again this year. I’ve got some big plans for my blog, and I’m hoping to be a source of information and inspiration to my readers. There are some fun things in store!

On Monday we’re back to work. There are only a few weeks before Christmas, but we’ll be back on a regular schedule for a little while.

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