Weekly Wrap Up: My Father's World Week 13

This week wrapped up our time in the Roman world. I love, love, love our curriculum Have I mentioned that before? We’ve read two complete biographies as well as information from our spine books- Streams of Civilization and The Roman Empire. We’ve covered the early church in our readings from Scripture. We’re still reading The Bronze Bow as a fiction book. We started it a little later than the curriculum recommended, so we’ll be reading it for a while. We’ve also started Trial and Triumph, an account of the early Christian leaders and martyrs, which we’ll keep on reading as we head into the Middle Ages.

Tonight we celebrated the end of the Roman study with a Roman feast. We invited my parents, and we served food as close as possible to some traditional Roman food. Charles and the younger girls took turns telling about some of the things we’ve been studying, and then Kathryne and Rachel showed us the dance they are doing in our church’s “Walk Through Jerusalem” Christmas program. The dance- typical of the Jewish time- ties in perfectly with our study. (And My Father’s World didn’t even plan that!)

As an explanation for this last picture- the girls are dressed in togas, and apparently Charles is a Roman soldier in the football helmet carrying his machete and his pocket knife. Don’t ask. I didn’t.

We hosted science at our house this week. I found some great lessons on light and sound waves for my theme this month. We did some experiments using sound waves to make grains of salt jump on a cup similar to the Chladni experiment. We always try to have a themed dessert, but there was nothing I could think of for sound waves. So we had ice cream sundaes.

Today was our Fun Friday co-op. Kathryne and Charles were thrilled ecstatic pretty disgusted to dissect frogs today. It’s hard to believe that next Fun Friday will be the Thanksgiving feast.

Tomorrow I’m headed off to the first gymnastics meet of the season with Ashlyne. My dad is going with us, and it’s not too far away. I’m looking forward to it.

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