Weekly Wrap Up: My Father's World Week 15

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Ah, the week before a break. We are taking next week off for Thanksgiving. Although I often take only part of the week off for Thanksgiving, we are taking off the whole week because I’m not sure how easy it is going to be to skip only part of our MFW week. I’m not hating the idea of a whole week off anyway. And I haven’t heard any of the kids complaining.

I’m a little sad because I feel like the older kids are a little old to do our regular Thanksgiving week unit study. Although Charles said he was still game, Kathryne didn’t like the idea of having any school next week. As the kids grow and our school dynamics change, I know there will be fewer things we do together. I accept the fact. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

On Monday of this week, I experimented with my new gluten free cookbook. I made cookies with a gazillion ingredients. It was pretty scary. But, amazingly they turned out really, really good. I also made salisbury steak with a recipe from my book, and it turned out very good too. I may turn into a gluten free cook yet!

I know the cookies look strange, but they were very yummy!

I let Ashlyne and Rachel start doing more of their math on their own this week. When we first started Life of Fred this year, I did most of the reading to them, and we worked the problems together. But now that they understand the flow of the books better, they really want to work alone. I’ve realized that there is quite a bit of reading comprehension involved with these books. That’s not a bad thing. But it definitely can affect whether or not the course is a good fit.

On Tuesday we hosted our science club. Our topic this week was light waves. We watched a video about light from Discovery Education, and I had the kids divide into groups to work on these online labs. We had my yum gluten free cookies as our snack- although they had nothing to do with the light theme.

On Wednesday our art activity involved mixing paint colors. This was one of those activities that I thought would be so much fun but which really floundered. Paint was dripped and smeared. People argued over paints. People were unhappy about the kind of paper they had. We ended up pulling it together, and the kids enjoyed the painting. But it just goes to show that not every day turns out to be a stellar homeschooling day. And, although I often talk about the things that did go right, many activities like this one do flop.

This week was a chemistry unit week for Ashlyne and Rachel’s science. The favorite activity was making hydrogen and oxygen atomic models using candy and paper plates. Of course we had to eat the candy after we combined our elements.

On Thursday night, I took Kathryne and Charles to see Catching Fire. I haven’t read the Hunger Games books, but Kathryne has given me a synopsis. I took the two of them to see the first movie, and I liked it. They wanted to go to this midnight premier, but I told them I wasn’t going at midnight. Some friends looked into it, and we discovered that there were earlier premiers. We were able to see the movie at 8:00p. That was a much better time for me, and they still got to see the movie when it first came out.

I thought this one was even better. It left me at a cliff hanging moment, however, and now I’m going to have to read the third book instead of waiting for the movie.

Today was Fun Friday co-op. We used clay to make a model after traveling to Italy and learning about Michelangelo. We also had our Thanksgiving feast today. (Of course I didn’t get pictures.)

Tomorrow is going to be a day of gymnastic competition for Ashlyne. We’re excited because this is our local meet, and family can come watch.

I’m looking forward to our break next week. Woohoo!

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