Weekly Wrap Up: Week 12 of My Father's World

This week was week 12 of My Father’s World. I continue to love it. (Can I keep saying that every week?) And we began a book this week that I am going to love. I love, love, love that we read so much history. And I’m still constantly impressed by how well this curriculum coordinates every single thing we do- from the Latin roots we learn to the history books we read to the Bible chapters that we read.

This week was also Halloween which brought lots of excitement and, of course, candy. If you’ve been around a while, you might already know we celebrate Halloween. If you’re just visiting and don’t celebrate, I have posted some pictures this week of our trick-or-treating. I don’t intend to offend.

Here’s a small glimpse of our week.

Devotions: This week wrapped up our Lost in India adventures with Mission to India. This has been an incredible experience. The videos were funny, and we learned quite a bit about the country of India. We also learned about being lost and how God is always seeking us- and the people of India. We saw children’s Bible clubs that reach many children and their families with the love of Christ. We learned that almost 50% of India’s population is under 20! So reaching out to children in the country is a great missions tool. We’ve been collecting money to send to Mission to India to help create new children’s Bible clubs. If you want to know more about this project or donate towards our page, you can check it out here.

Bible: We read some of the book of Revelation. It tied in with the study of persecution and martyrs that we are doing in history. We read about the different churches that John was writing to. We began reading Trial and Triumph . This is an incredible collection of the stories of Christian heroes and martyrs. We started with the story of Polycarp who was, incidentally from Smyrna- one of the seven churches in Revelation- and who was in the early AD year, which just happens to be the time period we are finishing up in history. (Did I mention that I love how it all ties together?) I know I’m going to love this book. I also know it’s going to be a hard one to read sometimes.

History: We finished up the Romans with some discussion of the remaining Roman emperors. We talked about the persecution of Christians under various emperors. This coming week will be a review week, and we’ll have a Roman feast to wrap up the study of the Romans.

Science: Ashlyne and Rachel and I finished another chemistry/physics unit. We still love the Apologia chemistry/physics book. This week’s study was about the states of matter. Next week we will head back into the world of birds.
Kathryne is amazing me with biology. The Apologia biology book is some pretty heavy reading, but she is doing amazingly well on the tests and is loving the topic.

On Monday we had a skating party with our Fun Friday co-op. The skating rink in town is the same skating rink that I went to in high school. It still has Christian music night on Mondays. And I think they still play the same songs. Talk about nostalgia! The kids had lots of fun.

Thursday night we headed out for trick or treating with friends. We had a little bit of a Wizard of Oz theme. Kathryne was the green witch sister (from the new Oz movie). I was the red Oz sister. Rachel was the china doll. Jason and Charles were Batman bad guys- Bain and Joker. And Ashlyne was coordinating with her friend being CeCe and Rocky from the Disney channel.

And, this has nothing whatsoever to do with school, but the little girls and I saw a double rainbow tonight. It was the coolest thing. It rained almost all day. But this evening, as we were leaving the church after dropping off the big kids for a game night, all of a sudden the sun started to shine as it was beginning to set behind us. In front of us we saw, first, a single rainbow. It was a full rainbow stretched completely from side to side; and I was trying to take pictures while at a red light. All of a sudden, we saw the second rainbow above it. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a double rainbow, and I know I’ve never seen a double one that was full, stretching all the way across!

We only have a few more weeks to fit in before the holidays are upon us. The time is flying. Soon we’ll be celebrating and doing Thanksgiving and Christmassy things. I’m not sure I’m ready, but I suppose it’s coming, ready or not.

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