Weekly Wrap Up: Week 14 of My Father's World

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This week was Week 14 in Rome to the Reformation. We are moving out of Rome and toward the Middle Ages. We read about the Byzantine Empire this week. (I promise I won’t mention again how wonderful I think it is that everything ties together so well in this curriculum.)

We’ve been praying this week specially for James, our Comapssion child from the Philippines. The Philippines was hit by a large typhoon this past weekend, and we’ve been waiting and waiting for word. As of now, I think the typhoon damage was not in his area. But I appreciate extra prayers for him.

Monday: Even though it was Veteran’s Day, we had a pretty normal day of school. If Jason is off work, we take a day off. But he wasn’t, so we didn’t.
In art we looked at Byzantine mosaics and tried our hand at making our own. I think they are beautiful- even if ours didn’t look like the pictures.

In the afternoon Ashlyne had gym, and Charles, Rachel and I went for some geocaching. It had been a while. We hunted around Cherry Park. We only found 1 of the 3 we saw hidden there, but we had lots of fun.

Tuesday: We took a field trip to Discovery Place- our local science museum. We renewed our membership this summer but hadn’t been back for a while. We made a plan this time and let each person- including me- pick a favorite area. We stayed in each person’s area for 30 minutes. It worked really well.

Believe it or not, we had some snow on Tuesday. For South Carolina, that’s incredible. I thought it was so funny that it was snowing on our Jack-O-Lantern.

Wednesday: Kathryne and I took our preschool choir group to sing at The Towers, our church’s retirement home. Even though I didn’t get pictures, it was entirely too cute to see the 3-5 year olds singing for the elderly people there.

Thursday: Ashlyne and Rachel and I were back in birds in science today. (We are switching back and forth between a birds unit and a chemistry unit.) Thursday they had to write an advertisement enticing a certain type of bird to buy a certain nest. It was really very cute to hear their ads.

It has been really cold here really soon. (Remember there was snow earlier!) Poor Kathryne won’t survive the winter at this rate. Thursday night she had on sweat pants, a jacket and two blankets!

Friday: On Fridays we have light school. On the weeks we don’t have Fun Friday, it makes for a really light morning. This morning after schoolwork was done, Charles decided to make donuts and let Rachel help. Of course I don’t mind as long as they make them gluten free, so I can eat them.

On Friday afternoons that we don’t have co-op, Kathryne and I are house cleaning for my mom and dad. It’s really been a good opportunity to teach her some homemaking skills outside of our own home. Sometimes taking care of someone else’s house makes you a little more diligent.

After we cleaned, we gathered the other kids and shopped for Operation Christmas Child. We’ve packed shoe boxes since the biggest kids were very little. Last year Kathryne and I were able to work in the distribution center. It’s an amazing ministry, bathed in prayer; and it has been used phenomenally by God to touch children and their families. We’ve been packing three boxes. Kathryne packs a girl box for her age; Charles packs a boy box his age; and Ashlyne and Rachel pack a box together for a girl their age.

Tomorrow all of the kids are going to be gone. Kathryne is spending the night with Grandmommy and the other three are going to friends of ours who have three the same age. Jason and I will have a date day/night. That is always something we look forward to.

I can’t believe it; but next week is our last regular week before Thanksgiving!

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