A Long Standing Holiday Tradition: Cookie Day

Cookie Day is a tradition that has changed over the years. Cookie Day started when I was in high school. My sister is older than I and had kids by the time I was in high school. It began to be a tradition that she would bring the kids, and we would make cookies.

Time passed, and I got married and had kids. There were some years in there that we didn’t do cookies, but we almost always met for a day to make Christmas goodies. My brother’s sons came some years, and we all had fun cooking, and making goodies together. My kids grew up with the tradition.

A description of our Christmas cookie tradition

Fast forward a few years, and my niece and nephews started dropping out of the fun. As they got to be in high school and then college, it became harder to get anyone else together. My kids were homeschooled and were still young. But they didn’t have cousins coming to join in very often.

We had a homeschool family here that we enjoyed spending time with. About five years ago, we started making our cut out sugar cookies with them. The kids loved being with friends as the cookies were made( and many eaten). And we kept our family day and just made other goodies- fudge, truffles, dipped pretzels. Sometimes the cousins would come, but often it was just us.

A few years ago, our friends moved.  Last year we adopted another family from our church- good friends already- and carried on the cookie making tradition. That has become it’s own separate tradition, and we are looking forward to that next week.

We still call our family goodie day- “Cookie Day”,but, in fact, we just make candy and goodies. My children sometimes rebel because they don’t enjoy the whole candy dipping as much as I do.

Yesterday we planned our “Cookie Day.” The kids and I made white chocolate snack mix for Jason’s work, mint chocolate fudge, buckeyes (peanut butter dipped in chocolate, and dipped pretzels. My mom came later and made some snack mix, and then she and my dad stayed for a chili supper. I still love our goodie day. I think the kids probably enjoy the sugar cookies with friends more- although they did join in yesterday.

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