Advent Traditions: The Advent Wreath

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Throughout the month of December, I'm going to try to post about some of our favorite Advent Traditions. Today's post is about our Advent Wreath and is linked up with Simblissity's Advent Wreath link up.

As we entered December the first part of the week, we began one of my favorite traditions- the Advent Wreath.

The Advent Wreath tradition began when Kathryne, my oldest child, was born. Our church put up a yearly Advent Wreath and handed out a sheet that explained the symbolism of the candles. Each Sunday the wreath is lighted during each church service, and on Christmas Eve, during the service, the center candle, the Christ candle is lit. That is always such a special time because the church is darkened, and the elders take the light from the Christ candle and begin passing it all around to the church members holding candles until the entire church is lit up. It's beautiful.

I've lost the sheet of explanation over the years, and the church hasn't handed it out in quite a while, but we follow along with the explanation given in each Sunday's service and lighting. We light a candle each Sunday night and light our Christ candle on Christmas Eve.

Our wreath is an older one. We purchased it at our local Christian book store quite a few years ago. I reuse our candles, so I've noticed they're looking pretty shabby. But it was still exciting to set it all up and start using it on Sunday.


  1. I would like to hear/read the explanations for this. We really have no traditions in our family and it's a little sad to me. It'll only be just a few years (4 at the minimum) before my kiddos are out of the house. Too late to start traditions? Probably not but we've yet to do so.

  2. Blossom, the Advent wreath is a countdown to Christmas of sorts that helps us focus on Jesus Christ through the season. The candles all have a meaning as does the shape of the wreath and the evergreens. This link explains it pretty well, although I've never found an explanation that exactly matches what our church calls the candles.

    We always light the candle on Sundays. It's become a big deal in our house to assign each child a candle- 4 kids, 4 outer candles. That kid gets to blow out the candle after we do the talking/reading about that candle.

    The Advent Wreath seems to be a tradition among many different denominations and in many churches. I like it because it's a way to stop and focus in a season that can be so rushed and crazy. :-)

    And I don't think it's ever too late to start a tradition. :-)


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