Blogging Through the Alphabet: K is for Kids' Favorite Holiday Tradition: Tree Trimming

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This week’s Blogging Through the Alphabet letter is K. It comes just in time for me to share with you my Kids favorite holiday tradition- trimming the tree. (I wish we had had T this week!)

Putting up with tree has never been one of my favorite things. In fact, Christmas decorating in general is not one of my favorite things. There have years where we didn’t have a tree or had a small table top tree. In the last few years, however, a strange thing has happened. I’ve come to like tree decorating more and more. It has, strangely, coincided with the kids all getting older and being able to decorate the tree themselves.

For the last few years, Jason sets the tree up, I put the ornaments out, and the kids have at it. Tree decorating has never been better.

One of the highlights of decorating each year is that the kids get to see all of “their” ornaments. My husband’s mom has always gotten everyone ornaments each Christmas. In fact Jason came with a whole set of ornaments when I married him. The kids love looking through these every year and talking about when they got each one. With four kids and Jason and I, we have enough ornaments for about ten trees now. But the kids still enjoy pulling them out year after year and looking through them and choosing the ones to put on. And I love hearing their stories as Jason and I just sit back and watch.

Rachel is our biggest Christmas tree fan. As she said tonight, “I’ve been waiting all year to put up the tree!” And she probably has. Jason thrilled her heart tonight when he got down one of the little table top trees we had and let her put it up in the schoolroom. We have two trees this year!

I had a bonus surprise when all of the Christmas boxes were coming down tonight. Jason found a box of Christmas books that I’ve been missing since we moved back to this house six years ago! It was a wonderful Christmas surprise for me. There were books there I had been collecting since I was a classroom teacher. The older kids still remembered some, but they were new for the little girls, and I can’t wait to read all of them out loud to them.

Tree decorating is finished again for this year. We’ll have at least a week or so before we have to take it down. Right?

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