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I’ve enjoyed participating in several of the Hearts at Home third Thursday blog hops this year. The theme has been “No More Perfect…”, and the posts have looked at not comparing ourselves, at not having to pretend measure up or to be something we aren’t in homemaking, in motherhood, in marriage. The theme has been near and dear to my heart. I’m very guilty of pressuring myself because I don’t compare to someone else. Here are some of the “No More Perfect…” topics I’ve written about this year.

No More Perfect Kids- I related a story about a young mom who thought she had it all together until she discovered that sometimes kids do unexpected things and that it’s okay when they aren’t perfect.

No More Perfect Friends– I talked about some of my struggles in developing close friends- probably because my expectations for them, and for myself, are too high.

No More Perfect Holidays- In this post, I discussed how the holidays used to really stress me out- until I accepted the fact that everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

Knock It Off: In October the Hearts at Home blog hop was a little different as we pledged to Knock It Off and stop comparing ourselves to everyone else.

This month’s topic rounds off the theme of “No More Perfect…” very well.

You see, I’m not a perfect mom. I don’t have perfect kids. They mess up. They disappoint me. They disobey again. I don’t have perfect friends. I set up unrealistic expectations for myself and for others. I’ll never have a perfect holiday with a perfectly decorated house or the best gifts. And, most importantly, I don’t need to compare myself with everyone else. It’s wrong according to the Bible, and it’s just an unreasonable thing to do.

But of all of the things around me that aren’t perfect, Christmas is a wonderful time to remember this truth: I have a perfect God.

He’s perfect and holy and sinless. His love for me was so great that He chose to come to earth, to be born as a baby. He lived as a man on earth, but he was perfect. He never did wrong. He never made wrong choices. He lived a sinless and holy life. And then he chose to die on the cross for me. He took my punishment. My sin deserved death. But he took that punishment. And he died for me. Three days later he defied death and rose from the dead. He ascended into Heaven. And I can have a relationship with Him. I can know him as my Savior. I can experience Him as my God and also as my closest friend.

In this season, we view Him as a baby in a manger. But I can never forget that He is a perfect God. He makes it possible for all of my imperfection to be redeemed. And He gives me hope when I’m discouraged by all the ways I fail.

Merry Christmas. And if you never have, I pray that this Christmas you experience this perfect God!

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(If you hadn’t read on Hearts at Home, Jill Savage, author of No More Perfect Moms and inspirational speaker, is beginning a fight with breast cancer. She’s posted about it on the blog, and I’m sure she would appreciate prayers.)

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