Two More Really Fun Traditions: Cookies and Kid Gifts

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Today we had our cookie making day with friends. This has become a favorite tradition. We make cut out cookies and decorate them. This year we made two batches of regular cookies and a batch of gluten free cut out cookies.

Cookie day is always a big hit at our house. It’s a time to hang with friends, to make big messes, and to eat more icing and sprinkles than you ever should.

After supper, we had another of the kids’ favorite traditions. Several years ago they started doing presents for each other by choosing things they had that they knew the other person would like. It’s regifting at it’s finest. They really love having more gifts to open, and the fun is really about opening the presents- not what’s in them.

This year Kathryne did bucket gifts for everyone. She filled a bucket with wrapped gifts for each sibling. They loved having all the little gifts in the buckets to open.

Tomorrow is present opening. We began opening on Christmas Eve several years ago. We go to Jason’s mom and dad’s on Christmas Day, and we had gotten to the point where the kids didn’t like leaving the presents they had just opened. By opening on Christmas Eve we have lots of time to just hang out with each other and enjoy the day.

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