Weekly Wrap Up: Christmas and a New Dog!

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This has been a week of family and presents and get togethers. It’s been a week of play- no school, and a week of fun.
Jason has been off work since Tuesday. On Monday we had friends over for what is becoming an annual cookie making day. They cut out cookies and decorated cookies and then played Minecraft for a very long time.

On Tuesday we opened our family gifts. This has become a tradition because we go to Jason’s parents on Christmas day; and we wanted to have time to open presents and not rush. This year was a year of used presents. We were able to buy used a Kindle for the little girls and an Xbox 360 for Charles. Kathryne’s big gift was for the family also- a dog.

On Thursday we visited an animal shelter. I had been looking at pictures and had been in contact with several rescue groups. This is the one we connected with.

Getting a dog was a long thought out process. Although Jason and I had a dog- a beautiful black lab- for many years, he has some animal allergies; and so does Charles. We had hesitated in getting a dog because of that. But, this year we decided to give it a try. Kathryne has particularly wanted a special pet for a long time.

With Jason and Charles dosed with allergy meds, we headed to the shelter to check out the dogs. We were looking particularly for a small dog we had seen on the website. But that isn’t what we found.

Jason was immediately drawn to a beautiful golden lab/sharpei mix. We spent some time with her, and all of the kids loved her. By the end of the day, we had a dog.

So far she’s been adapting very well. She is well potty trained, and she loves to be loved on.

I know that this coming week will be pretty crazy. With dog loving and New Year’s celebrations, I have a feeling that we won’t be doing too much school this week either.

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