Weekly Wrap Up: My Father's World Week 18 and Ready for Christmas

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We really did get some school work done this week. I’m sure we did. Somewhere in there.

We did actually finish up Week 18 this week. That means we’ve reached the curriculum halfway point by Christmas- a goal I was attempting to meet. Woohoo! We also did have lots of fun this week.

In MFW: At the beginning of the week, we talked about monks and the copying of Scriptures. Our art project was to make decorative (illuminated) letters and an illuminated page of Scripture. As we moved along, we also read about the Vikings this week. On Thursday we made Viking runes out of salt dough.

We didn’t do much of any other work besides our MFW. I think the little girls and I did accomplish two lessons of Life of Fred, and Charles did finish a grammar unit and a review test.

Kathryne is very excitedly working on her Proverbs project. When I was a senior in high school, we had a huge Bible project. Every senior class every year did this project. We had to categorize every single verse of Proverbs into categories. It was very time consuming, but I really enjoyed it. Kathryne is now doing a similar project in MFW. She only has a few verses per chapter, but she still has to read and categorize them. She is really enjoying it also.

In non-school things:

The little girls had a birthday party for a friend at the skating rink on Monday. We ended up all going, and Jason skated with the kids also. Another older brother was there for Charles to hang with it, and everyone had a great time.

On Tuesday we had our annual goodie making day. We made fudge, buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate), chocolate dipped pretzels. and white chocolate chex mix. Some of the goodies are for Jason to take to work, but we did eat our fair share.

On Wednesday we decorated our tree. And, as I posted in my trimming the tree post, Jason found a box of Christmas books that has been lost about six years since we moved into this house! The older kids remembered many of them, but the younger girls didn’t. So we’ve been reading new Christmas books!

Today, Friday, we went up to the church this morning to be church mice (we straighten the pews and pick up trash and sharpen pencils and put out offering envelopes). Then the older kids had some swapping and hanging out with friends and Ashlyne had a Christmas party at the gym.

Tomorrow we’re headed to Virginia for a family wedding. We are driving there and back in one day(to save money), so this should be an adventure.

For the next two weeks we’re officially taking school off (although I have a Nutcracker lapbook we might be doing).

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