5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials: The Essential Mindset

Day 5 of the 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials is here already. If you've missed any of these, here's what the other four days held:

Day 1- What Isn't Essential
Day 2- Essential Supplies
Day 3- Essential Support
Day 4- Essential Organization

Today's post is a little more simple. But this is, perhaps, the most important of all the "essentials" I've posted this week. If I had no computer or even no books, I could still homeschool- even if it would be very hard. If I had no other homeschooling friends and no other support, I could still homeschool- although it might be a lonely road. If I were the most unorganized person and flew by the seat of my pants all the time, I could still homeschool - although I might be frustrated. But today's essential is truly that. I'm talking about a mindset.

homeschooling and mindset
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Why are you homeschooling, friend?

If you are trying to impress your friends and family, you're probably going to give up the first time your 8th grader says he doesn't know what "tyrannical" means. And your're sure to give up when your aunt asks for the hundredth time if your 2nd grader is reading yet.

If you are expecting to produce genius children who all have GPAs over 4.0, transcripts that demonstrate extensive high school course work, and who all attend Harvard, then you might face frustration when your daughter tells you that what she really wants to be is a waitress. And you'll especially be discouraged when you see the prices of college!

If you're homeschooling because your friend says it's the next best thing to sliced bread, what happens when it doesn't work for your family?

You see, there is an essential mindset that I need to homeschool. I know that (1) God has called me to this method of educating my children, and I know that (2) God will equip me for what He has called me to.

That mindset is what keeps me going when things aren't going well, when I'm having trouble getting up in morning, when kids aren't learning well, when even parenting is hard. Knowing that God has called me and will equip me is the essential mindset. And, although I could really homeschool without some of the other "essentials" this is the thing I really couldn't homeschool without.


  1. I've never thought of it of quite like that but I can see how the mindset is essential!

  2. Great point! So true that we need to be doing it for all of the right reasons and the Lord calling us to it is definitely the most important. :-)

  3. I'm sure that I couldn't make it if I wasn't sure of the Lord's calling.

  4. Some days I think I start off with the wrong mindset. I know it's important to get it right. :-)

  5. Agreed! I have found it so helpful to develop a philosophy of education, too. I used The Noah Plan Self-Directed Study to help me with this, but there may be other sources out there too. Keeping it handy so I can refer to it on those tough days is a blessing to me. Good topic! ~Heather @ Principled Academy/the Crew

  6. I totally agree! I have been called by God to homeschool my children. I will continue to remember this when the times get tough!

  7. I've never heard of that resource. I'll have to look it up.


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