Bible in 90 Days: The Journey Begins

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Today is day 1 of reading through the Bible in 90 days. I’m very excited to be reading again. I didn’t have any takers on reading along, so I’m not going to post a linky. I am going to continue to post each Monday to share my progress and some of the things I’m learning. And if you are visiting and haven’t heard about the Bible in 90 Day program, read my post here and feel free to jump in.

I am using the Bible in 90 Days Bible. I bought this after the first time I read. The first time I used the bookmark schedule here. That worked fine, but I was always trying to figure out if I was on track or had a skipped a day by accident. So when I read through the second time I actually bought the print NIV Bible in 90 Days, and then after I was using my Kindle regularly, I bought the Bible in 90 Days for Kindle. That’s the one I use now. I’m also using the children’s reading schedule here and reading with the kids for devotions each morning. The kids’ schedules are a Bible survey- not a read every word.

Today’s reading was Genesis 1-16. I love to reread the opening chapters of Genesis. I’m a history buff, and these opening chapters are the recounting of the earliest history.

I believe that all of Genesis is literal. I believe in a literal six days of creation and a young earth. I’m linking some resources below that I’ve really enjoyed reading and researching as I’ve considered the earliest history of the world.

Answers in Genesis has some great resources for studying Genesis, the age of the earth, science, and early history. There is a whole Video on Demand section where you can find videos on subjects like: geology, dinosaurs, the age of the earth, the ice age, and much more. There are also videos and magazine articles for kids.

Institute for Creation Research is another website with a wealth of information about why the earth is young and facts that back up belief in a young earth and six literal days of creation. They have some great articles and a great video series called “That’s a Fact” that can be used to teach kids about evidences for a young earth.

This week’s reading will take me all the way through the end of Exodus. I’ll be posting again next Monday. Don’t forget, you can check out this post if you’d like to join me.

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