Bible in 90 Days: Week 3

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This past week in reading through the Bible, I’ve been finishing up the books of the law. I’m now heading out of Deuteronomy and into Judges.

I must admit that the books of law are very hard for me to understand. There are some of the laws that we still follow as Christians today, but there are some things we just don’t do anymore. How do we know which are which?

From the years I’ve read and the things I’ve studied I know that (1) some of the laws were cultural- for the Israelites specifically- and some spiritual; (2) It is impossible to keep the whole law which is the whole reason Christ needed to come to be a sacrifice; and (3) in the New; Testament Jesus sums up the law by telling us to love God and love our neighbor.

Although it’s a difficult section to read, we can definitely see that God has a people set apart- the Israelites- and that He expects them to be holy.

The reading with the kids using the overview found here is going well also. I noticed a flaw when I realized that we don’t usually do devotions together on weekend mornings. So it’s going to take longer than 90 days to read this overview with them because we are only reading 5 days a week.

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