Blogging Through the Alphabet: M is for Making Memories

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M is for Making Memories

Do you have traditions in your family? Traditions are extremely important. But traditions don’t have to be anything time consuming. They don’t have to be expensive. They don’t have to be some huge event. Traditions can be anything that brings your family together, anything special and unique that your family does together.

Research about families show that family traditions are very important.

1. They help family members to identify with the family as a group. When your family has special things that do together, kids can identify with the family and feel as if there are special things about their family.
2. They encourage close relationships between family members. When families take time to do things together, family members have better relationships. They have more opportunities to interact, to know each other.
3. They give kids something to come back to as they get older and leave the family more often. When kids begin to get older, they have relationships outside of the family. Their friendships take up more time outside of the family. But when kids have traditions to come back to, they are drawn back into the family circle.

Some traditions may be bigger, but small, simple traditions may be just as important and meaningful.

Throughout the month of December, I blogged about some of our Christmas traditions. The Advent wreath, gingerbread houses,  our church Christmas program, tree decorating, cookie day,  making cookies with friends, and opening sibling gifts: all of these are traditions that our family has at Christmas time.

There are other traditions we have throughout the year. For example, we go to the beach every summer with Jason’s family. On the way to Myrtle Beach there is a “welcome center.” The purpose of it is really to have people buy tickets to big events or sign up for time share spiels. But they offer free popcorn- only a bite- and free drinks- out of a tiny 3 ounce cup. It has become our tradition to stop there, however. It’s something the kids look forward to every year. It’s a family tradition.

Often traditions surround the holidays- egg dyeing at Easter time, special days with extended family, hosting a Valentine party for Valentines Day.

Traditions often aren’t planned. They happen when the family enjoys something so much that you just keep doing it on a regular basis. The most important thing is to spend time together as a family. As you hang out, you’ll come across things you enjoy. Take time to make that a tradition, something your family can come back to again and again.

Be intentional this year about spending time together and forming traditions. It’s very meaningful for your family.

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