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I recently posted in my Leah’s Good Reads blog about some of my favorite 2013 kids book and fiction reads. Here’s a glimpse at some of my favorites and links to the favorites posts.

I’ve read an reviewed many, many great books this year. I’m going to share some of my very favorite in this post, and then you can visit the other blogs in the blog hop below to find even more great books to add to your To Be Read list for 2014.

Whistling Past the Graveyard is about a little girl growing up in the deep South in the days of segregation. She is running away and is picked up by a black woman, and she is thrust into an adventure that gives a great picture of life in the South in those days.

I was able this year to be a part of Susan May Warren’s launch team for her book Take a Chance on Me. I love Susie May’s sweet Christian fiction/romance novels. This was another great one that kicked off a new series. The book series will center around a family, and each book will be about a particular member of the family.


Jody Hedlund was a new author to me when I read and reviewed her book- A Noble Groom. I loved the setting and characters- and immigrant family in early America. There’s a sweet romance here.

More great fiction reads here…

Although I don’t often review kids books, I do have some favorite kids reads I’ve come across this year. You can look at my list, and then you can visit the other blogs on the hop below to find some good kids reads.

Opera A-Z: A Beginners Guide to Opera by Liddy Lindsay takes a look at famous operas and their composers. The book takes every letter of the alphabet to illustrate a famous opera and its composer. I don’t know very much about opera myself and learned quite a bit from this book. Even though it’s a picture book, you could easily share it with older kids also.

Speeding Down the Spiral by Deborah Goodman Davis was another picture books that was very good for fine arts teaching. This picture was a humorous story about a mishap in the Metropolitan Museum. As the little girl in the story chases her brother’s stroller down the ramp, she learns quite a bit about works of art and artists.

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