For My Children: A Mother's Dreams

What are my dreams and goals for my children. What do hope for them to accomplish? When our homeschooling is through and they are grown (as is coming all too quickly!) what do I want for them?  As I began to think about the dreams that I have for my children. I intended to make a list, perhaps put it in order of priority. But as I began this list, a thought came. I can really sum up my desires for my children in one statement.

My dream/desire/goal for my children is that they have a desire to obey and glorify God. That’s it. 

I don’t dream for them to be happy. Nowhere in God’s Word are we promised happiness when we are obedient to God.

I don’t dream for them to be wealthy. God has a plan in mind already for each of them. If His plan is for them to hold a job that is lucrative, so be it. But if not, I want them to be willing to follow Him no matter what.

I don’t dream for them to be well-educated. We’ve told our children many times that we do not have the expectation for them to go to college. If God is leading them to have interest in a career path that requires college, then we can help them to pursue that. But perhaps God has something else in mind for them.

I don’t dream for them to be influential. They may never have power. They may never be famous. I’ve heard the story of John Wesley many times. John Wesley was an evangelist in early America. His preaching reached many and he and his brother were the founders of the Methodist church. Wesley’s mother, Susanna, had nineteen children. She taught them at home. She would certainly not have been considered an influential person- a pastor’s wife and mother of so many children. The fact that she was a woman made her of little value in society’s eyes. But she was faithful in being a mother. She taught her children about God and the importance of serving Him. And she raised sons who made a very big impact for God in the world. Susanna Wesley followed God even though it wasn’t glamorous.

I don’t dream for them to be safe. God may call my children to do something that is dangerous. Missionaries all over the world face danger and even death every day. I want my children to be so secure in their relationship with God that they step out in faith and do dangerous things.

As my children get older and make decisions about their future I want to see them living a life that is in obedience and glory to God. That is my dream.

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