Homeschool Mother's Journal: January 24, 2014-Week 21 of My Father's World

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In my life this week… This seemed to be one of those week’s that flew so quickly I couldn’t keep up. (I have quite a few of those!) We began the week with the ice cream interrupting our school- in January!- and are ending with yet another gymnastic meet.

I’ve struggled with a migraine several days this week, probably due to the weather changing yet again. Thankfully it’s been a little better today.

In our homeschool this week… We completed Week 21 of My Father’s World. I can say with certainty that this is the longest I’ve loved a complete curriculum. This week we read about the Crusades and some of the heroes and legends of that time- El Cid, Robin Hood, and Richard the Lionhearted.

We designed a Medieval Coat of Arms.

Rachel started using a piano/music program that I am reviewing. She’s wanted to learn to play for fun, and this program- although geared toward younger kids- seems right up her alley.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… I’ve been posting this week about Homeschooling Essentials as part of the 5 day series over at the Schoolhouse Review Crew. You can check out post 5- which has links to the first 4 posts also- here. I’ve posted about essential supplies, essential support, essential organization, and essential mindset- as well as the things I don’t think are essential for homeschooling.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Today was our Fun Friday co-op. The younger girls learned about China, and I’m teaching their class with the Astonishing Animals unit study from Amanda Bennett. My first lesson today was about the Aye Aye, a very funny-looking lemur.

Rachel and Kathryne had their regular dance on Thursday, and Ashlyne has had regular gymnastics and has another meet this weekend.

My favorite thing this week was… I’m sure readers will eventually tire of hearing it, but I love the new (to us) dog. I had so forgotten how much I loved having a dog in the house. She’s sweet and patient- even when the kids play dress up with her.

Things I’m working on… I now have two reviews in progress and am looking forward to sharing them. I’m reviewing the piano/music program with Rachel and a foreign language course that several of us are going to try out.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

One never knows what one is going to see Charles Courtney do next. This is Charles “stuck” in a chair one night this week. He actually was walking around like this until I caught him and made him get “unstuck.”

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