Looking Back: Favorite Blog Posts of 2013

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The Review Crew is doing a looking back blog carnival, and I thought it would be fun to have a look back at favorite blog posts from the year. So I’m taking a look at ten favorite posts, five that were most visited by blog readers and five that were my favorites.

First of all, here are five of my most visited posts:

1. Where Is God When There Are Bad Things Happening? – This post was written around September 11 and offered Philip Yancy’s book The Question That Never Goes Away for free. The book is currently not free on Amazon. It sells for $9.99 for Kindle.

2. Review of Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose From YWAM Publishing- I had the opportunity to review this biography of Jim Elliot during this past school year. I always enjoy sharing biographies of great missionaries with my kids, and we really enjoyed this one.

3. The Beauty of Nature in the Fall- This post was part of a blog cruise from the Review Crew. In it I shared some of the things I find beautiful about fall- even though it’s not really my favorite season.

4. Blogging Through the Alphabet: G is for Gluten Free- In this post I talked about what it really meant to have gone gluten free. I answered some of the questions that I frequently hear when I say I’m eating gluten free, and I tried to clear up some of the confusion surrounding gluten free eating.

5. Homeschool Mother’s Journal: My Father’s World Week 17– I think it’s funny that one of my most read posts was a Homeschool Mother’s Journal. But it’s a link up I really enjoy. And in this edition, I was posting about some of our Christmas traditions as well as the school work we were finishing up before Christmas.

And here are five of my favorite posts from this past year:

1. My Five Favorite Homeschool Resources (Free and Otherwise)- This post lists five homeschool resources from online that I’ve found very useful in our homeschool.

2. Sponsoring a Child Through Compassion– This is one of my favorite posts, posted for Compassion Sunday in April. I shared about the Compassion child we sponsor and how sponsorship has helped our family.

3. The Big Book of Earth and Sky: A Wonderful Science Resource– I loved the Big Book of Earth and Sky. It’s published by New Leaf Publishers and is a great resource that has earth science and space science information.

4. To The Prospective Homeschool Mama– I like this post straight from my heart. I wrote it after I had really been chatting with a mom thinking of homeschooling, and the post says some of the things I wish I had had the time to tell her.

5. Geocaching 101: A New Adventure– In this post I wrote about geocaching when we first had the opportunity to try it. It has since become a really fun hobby that we enjoy. This post tells about how we got started and how you can get started.

We’re headed into a new year with new blog posts to share. I’m looking forward to this new year of blogging.

This post is part of the Schoolhouse Review Blog Cruise. You can check out what other Review Crew members are looking back on here.

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