Resources for Studying the Winter Olympics

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Since I was a child I’ve enjoyed watching the Olympics- summer and winter. I love gymnastics and diving in the summer, and I love figure skating in the winter.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my love of the Olympics with my kids each time the games come around. We’ve done several different lapbooks coordinating with different Olympic Games. The great thing about studying the games is that we’re also studying history and social studies (learning about the country hosting the games and the countries that participate).

This year I have a high schooler whose school work often keeps her from doing the “fun work” like lapbooking with us. So I’m not exactly sure how we are are going to study the games together this time. But as I’ve looked for resources, I thought I would share some of the best of what I’ve found. Here are some resources for studying the games and Russia- the host country.

This printable sheet has some of the common terms associated with the winter Olympic Games.

And this page has links to a winter Olympic Games coloring book.

A Journey Through Learning has a winter Olympic lapbook complete with study guide for only $1.00. This is one I think I’m going to get because the target age is 2nd-7th grade, and I could make this work for all the kids.

Amanda Bennett’s Unit Studies has a great winter Olympic Games lapbook for $6 right now. It is a complete four week unit study that can be adapted for upper grades or lower grades.

Activity Village has a whole page of free printables including notebooking pages, color sheets, and posters. also has a page of free printable worksheets with a winter Olympics theme that allow students to practice basic skills. There are some coloring and activity sheets here also.

On this site you can read and learn about the country of Russia.

This National Geographic site has an interactive map of Russia. It can also be downloaded and printed.

You can check out some other great resources for studying the games from other TOS Review Crew members here.

 Winter Olympics Resources Round-Up

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