Virtual Curriculum Fair- The Arts: Creating and Appreciating Beauty

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This is the last week in this year’s Virtual Curriculum Fair. I’ve enjoyed reading about the curricula that others are enjoying.

Week One looked at Language Arts.
Week Two looked at Math and Logic.
Week Three looked at Science and History.

This week’s Virtual Curriculum Fair is taking a look at the arts. I’ll admit this is always one of the hardest posts for me to write because teaching the arts has always been difficult for me. This year, with My Father’s World, we’ve had our art and music included, so I haven’t had to hunt for those things. The kids are also getting some of this at co-op. And there are a few of the extracurricular activities we do that focus on “the arts.”

First, My Father’s World has suggested resources for art and music.

God &The History of Art
   This book was suggested but not required for our curriculum. I’m glad I picked it up. It’s a mixture of art appreciation and art techniques, and it fits perfectly with the history curriculum because it follows historical time periods and takes a look at art that fits with the time period. Some of the lessons are art appreciation, and the book set includes post cards that are reproductions of art works; and some of the lessons teach drawing, sketching, or painting techniques, and there is a paint/marker card set included for some painting. My kids like the mix of trying out new art styles as well as learning about art in historical context.

Music- My Father’s World has several composers that we study throughout the year. This year we have looked at Hayden and Mozart, and we will also cover Beethoven. The curriculum package comes with a 7CD set, but I didn’t purchase the package. I bought my resources separately. I chose not to purchase the composer CDs because I already had a composer book and some CDs that we could use for studying the composers. So, I follow the lesson plans for which composer to study, but we use the resources I already had.

We use Meet the Great Composers Book 1 . I use a set of classical music CDs that I actually have from college music appreciation. I can also find specific songs the book recommends on YouTube. And Classics for Kids is a music resource that we’ve used for a long time. It is a website that has music divided by composer or by time period.

Kathryne doesn’t do art and music as part of her regular school schedule. She could choose to take an art or music class as a high school elective. I think she’d like to do band if we had a homeschool band group.

Our co-op group has offered some fine arts kinds of classes in the past. This semester the big kids are doing upcylcing- a craft/art class using recycled materials. The younger crew isn’t doing anything in the fine arts department.

All of the girls do some sort of fine arts as an extracurricular activity. Kathryne and Rachel are both involved in Praise Dance at our church. And Ashlyne and Rachel are involved in our children’s choir.

One thing we aren’t doing this year that I miss is reading Shakespeare. I’ve included it most years as something we do all together. Studying Shakespeare is a Charlotte Mason thing to do. This year My Father’s World doesn’t incorporate any reading of Shakespeare, and I haven’t found a way to fit it in for all of us, so I’m kind of missing it.

You can check out the other blogs participating in the Virtual Curriculum Fair to find out what others like (or don’t like) for Fine Arts. And you can link up your Fine Arts choices below.

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