Virtual Curriculum Fair- History and Science: Learning About the World Around Us

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This is week three of the Virtual Curriculum Fair hosted by Susan at Homeschooling Hearts and Minds.

In week one, I talked about our language arts resources. In week two, I related my struggles as I’ve looked for the “perfect” math program. This week’s post in our about our science and history resources, the materials we use to learn about the world around us. This is one of my favorite posts to write because I actually love the things we learn for science and for history.

We began using My Father’s World this year. The main subjects covered are Bible, history and literature. Charles, Ashlyne, Rachel and I are in the history cycle covered by the 2nd -8th grade curriculum. Kathryne is using the 9th grade curriculum.

2nd-8th grade History:

Following the Classical model, this history curriculum cycles through all of the time periods of world history. Because we were using this model of history last year with a different program, I jumped in to the time period that we needed next.

We are using Rome to the Reformation this year. My Father’s World uses a variety of “living books” to read about the time period. As well, they include hands on activities, family projects, notebooking activities, copywork, and more. I love that everything we do ties in together. For example, the other day we read in our history reading about monks and monasteries. We read about monks in art. And we had a activity where we pretended to be eating lunch in a Medieval monastery.

Here are some of the books we’ve used in our readings this year:

The Story of the World Volume 4

  Augustus Caesar’s World

  Streams of Civilization Volume 1

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine

9th grade History:

Kathryne started over in the history cycle for her high school year, so she is studying Ancient History again.  

Here are some of the living books she’s using:

Unwrapping the Pharaohs

  Bulfinch’s Greek and Roman Mythology

  The Cat of Bubastes 

For science I have long used Apologia. I am very thankful that I found this curriculum early in my homeschool years. They have what I think are some of the best creation science books. They have an unequivocally young earth worldview. The information is very detailed and thorough. And, although they are textbooks, they are written much more like living books.

I am using Apologia for all of the girls. Charles has a different science (more on that later).

Ashlyne and Rachel:

The younger girls are actually using two Apologia books this year. Last year, I reviewed Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. This book looks at birds and other flying creatures but also has information about some basic biology. As part of our review we also received one notebooking journal. I knew that we loved these journals also. They come as a companion to the textbooks and contain places to write facts, review activities, experiments, and lapbooking pages. We had used the journals previously as a companion to Exploring Creation With Astronomy. We enjoyed the review of Flying Creatures, so I had determined to use it for this year.

In the fall, I was able to review Exploring Creation With Chemistry. We received two notebooking journals with it. The girls really loved chemistry because of all of the experiments. And they enjoy the notebooking journals because they are the older student journals and are more age-appropriate.

We couldn’t quite decide whether to quit Flying Creatures for the year or to save chemistry for next year. So, we decided to do both. We are taking two weeks at a time with each book (That’s the length of a unit.).  We’re all enjoying the variety.


Kathryne is using Apolgia’s Biology course. She is really loving it, although she wasn’t sure if she would. The reading level is pretty high. I’ve read that it could be an honors level course. But she’s doing very well, and is now considering a  career in science.


Charles is not a science person. I’ve tried to make Apologia fit him. I’ve tried really, really hard. But the amount of reading- along with the subject matter- makes it really tedious for him. He was fine when I used to read the material aloud to he and Kathryne; but reading it independently is very difficult.

I finally decided to allow him to try a different course. I found the Christian Kids Explore… series after looking around. I chose the physical science because that is the course he would have been using from Apologia. He likes it much better. It is targeted to 4th-8th graders, so the material is much easier. I’m not so sure that it is in depth enough for his age, but we are making do.

I am really considering what I’m going to have him do for next year. I want something that is very, very creation based with a young earth worldview. But he doesn’t need really heavy reading.

I love history and science. When I was in school, science really wasn’t my favorite. And I didn’t know very much about history even though I did enjoy it. But as a homeschooler now, I love both subjects. I love that I have the opportunity to learn them again!

You can check out other history and science resources below and link up with your own.

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