Weekly Wrap Up: Can We Please Start Back to School Now?!

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I’ve decided that I really don’t do well without a routine, a schedule. I love to have routines and schedules. I love it when our days flow along like “normal.” I don’t love it when kids sit around all day wondering what to do and being at loose ends. Unfortunately the kids do love it. Especially when they can use their media time and play video games or watch t.v.

Lots of our week was spent adjusting to our newest family member. Blondie is the perfect dog for us and is feeling quite comfortable at our house now. We love her. For the most part she is very well behaved, and she has been housebroken perfectly!

On Tuesday we went for supper to my brother-in-law’s house. We always do New Year’s Eve there. Kathryne and I left after supper. She wanted to get home to her dog, and I can’t sleep very well on an air mattress any more. Jason and the younger kids stayed to spend the night and shoot fireworks. They always do a huge fireworks display. I don’t see them now that I don’t spend the night- haven’t the last two years. It’s probably a good thing that I miss them because I’m always terrified someone is going to set themselves or something else on fire.

I went back to eat breakfast with the family at my brother-in-laws. I also motivated everyone to head home so we could take the tree down and put away Christmas things. My parents came to eat supper with us- collard greens and black eyed peas for luck on New Years. (It’s a Southern tradition.)

On Thursday my nephews came to spend the day for the sole purpose of playing video games with Charles. I suspended media time allotments, and they had a very enjoyable day in front of the games. It turned out okay because it rained a cold, nasty rain all day.

Kathryne is the only one who has been doing some school this week. She had a week of My Father’s World she really wanted to finish, and she had a project that she was having fun doing and wanted to turn in early. Her project was to classify verses in Proverbs. It brought back lots of memories because I had a similar project my senior year of high school. When I did it, I had to categorize every verse in the book. She’s had fewer verses but the same process. She did an excellent job.

Today was my day to clean house for my mom and dad and then I had lots of errands to run. I got Blondie a toy at Target. She’s been eyeing the Webkinz the girls got for Christmas, so I got her a stuffed animal. She really loved it for the five minutes it took her to dismember it. Perhaps stuffed toys aren’t good for her.

Next week we are back to a routine. Hooray! I’m looking forward to a scheduled day.

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