Bible in 90 Days: Week 6

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This week I’m heading into the 6th week of reading the Bible in 90 days. I must say it’s been harder this time to stay on track without a group that I know is reading. I am a day behind as of this writing, but I’m hoping to catch up with today’s reading.

I finished up Kings and headed into Chronicles this week. Chronicles is basically a recap of Kings, only focusing on the Southern Kingdom- Judah. After the rule of David’s son Solomon the kingdom is divided into North and South. Most of the Northern kings are wicked and lead the people into idol worship. Some of the Southern kings lead the people back into the ways of God, but there is always struggle there, and some of the kings are evil.

One thing that I think is very interesting is that throughout the history of the two kingdoms, God always preserves the Southern kingdom because of His promise to David. There is always a remnant of good. There are prophets who still are trying to guide the people back into worship of the Lord. There are occasionally kings in the Southern kingdom that have a revival of sorts and bring the people back into following God.

God always keeps His promises. Even when we fail, He keeps His promises. That’s very good to know.

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