Do You Have College Students Looking for Textbooks? Take a Look At Campus Book Rentals

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I have a child who isn’t a child anymore. She’s a teenager, and she’s in high school. It is very hard for me to believe, but in just three and a half years, she could be headed to college. I know for a fact that college isn’t cheap. I spent a good many years there myself. I can remember that textbooks were a large part of my college expense.

I always thought it was bad that I had to spend all the money I did on books I was never going to use again when the class was over. When I could, I bought used. But, I would have loved to come across a company like Campus Book Rentals when I was buying all of my textbooks.

Campus Book Rentals  has a great concept. You can visit their website and search for the book you need. Select the right book and then choose how long you want to rent the book. Prices vary based on the rental period. Shipping is free. Rent your book and use it throughout your class period. You can even feel free to highlight in the book. When your time is up, return the book. Shipping is free again. You’ve used the book you needed, and your price was much cheaper than the purchase of a new book.

Here’s how it works:

If you own a textbook, you can check out the Rent Back program. 

This program helps you rent out your textbook and make 2 to 4 times the amount you would make from simply using a textbook buyback program. You can see how it works:

So, by using Campus Book Rentals, you can:
-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-have free shipping both ways
-highlight in the textbooks
-have flexible renting periods.

But, one of the greatest perks I found was this: for every book you rent, Campus Book Rentals makes a donation to Operation Smile. This organization helps children who have been born with cleft lips or cleft palates around the world.

All of these are some great reasons to take a look at Campus Book Rentals. I know I’m going to keep it on my radar to use in a few years!

This is a sponsored post, and I received compensation for it. I do, however, think this is a great program and would not sponsor a product that I wasn’t excited about.

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